Keith Allen
Yeah and yours is no Picasso!
Wed Aug 8, 2018 18:39

One of Keith’s favorite classes was History of Magic. He knew most of the other students probably thought it was a waste of time but he really enjoyed it. The blonde had always loved history, the history of Rome had always been a fascination for the twelve-year-old. He entered the lecture hall wearing his school robes, under it had on black jeans and a plain black t-shirt. Even his sneakers were black. He liked looking uniform, and most of the time during classes he wore an all-black outfit. His blonde hair was combed to the side, and he made his way down to his usual seat.

He was surprised that not too long after a curly brown haired girl sat right next to him. He knew instantly that she was one of the first year girls whose names he had yet to remember. Usually, they chose to sit next to their new best friends. The hazel-eyed boy groaned inwardly praying that Boot wouldn’t make them work in pairs. The purple glitter vest and the absent of robes told Keith more than enough to make him realize he did not want to be partnered with her.

Keith sighed with relief when Boot gave them their assignment. Good, he wouldn’t have to even talk to the firstie. He was already thinking of what to put on his timeline, getting a stepdad, a half-sister, learning magic was real after Dad talk about for years. Normal things. His parchment sailed to the side, and he was forced to get up and grab it.

A small annoyance for an easy A he assumed but as he turned back to his seat, his anger went up another notch. The girl had unrolled her parchment on his desk. That was frankly a shitty thing to do in Keith’s eyes. It’s not like she had missed Keith. He had been sitting next to her the whole time!

The second-year opened his mouth to admonish the rude girl when she spoke first. She first mocked Boot, who Keith counted as his favorite Professor, then asked him a question before she began to answer her own question. Was this girl raised in a barn? Then the last straw dropped, she talked about girls and their periods! Gross! Of course, Keith knew about periods his mom had informed him when he was six but still that was just not something the Draco ever wanted to think about.

Flustered Keith sputtered a few times his face and neck turning red in anger. He was at a loss for words searching he finally growled out. “Get your stuff off my desk, you rude little girl!” What he really wanted to do was sweep everything off his desk, but he didn’t want Boot to kick him out.

“You are rude you know that?” Keith questioned glaring at the first year. “Out of uniform, using someone else's’ desk, insulting our Professor, and then answering your own questions! Who does that?” He voice was a bit louder then he meant it to be, but he wasn’t yelling exactly, just speaking with emphasis. The Draco didn’t even mention the period talk after all he wasn’t the uncouth one here!

  • A picture paints a thousand words - Georgina Philpott, Tue Aug 7 16:23
    History of Magic had the potential to be an interesting class. Georgina liked some history - the Ancient Egyptians had been fun to learn about, and they had done a Shakespeare project once at her... more
    • Yeah and yours is no Picasso! - Keith Allen, Wed Aug 8 18:39
      • I'm more of a Munch, making you Scream - Georgina, Mon Aug 13 11:54
        Oopsy daisy, Mr Got A Chip On His Shoulder was the unfortunate soul whose desk Gigi had elected to borrow in her excess of parchment crisis, and the darling red shade of his face and neck following... more
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