I'm more of a Munch, making you Scream
Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:54

Oopsy daisy, Mr Got A Chip On His Shoulder was the unfortunate soul whose desk Gigi had elected to borrow in her excess of parchment crisis, and the darling red shade of his face and neck following her unorthodox greeting suggested he was not in a sharing mood. He made a short series of indistinct sounds while Georgina watched him curiously, head tilted slightly to one side, large brown eyes blinking long lashes, wondering if he had a speech impediment, when he found his words. Boy what words they were. The irony of calling her rude as he forcefully instructed her to remove her belongings, without a hint of request nor the barest minimum of good manners, was apparently lost on the boy whose blond hair atop his red face reminded Georgina of rhubarb and custard flavoured Chupa Chups. She laughed gleefully in his face for a full three seconds. “Yes, Lollipop,” (because of the Chupa Chups), “I know I’m rude.” Everyone had told her so for as long as she could remember. “Did you know that you are, too?” she asked, in a patronising tone as she batted her eyelids again.

Then, because he had elected to attack her in bullet points, she naturally assumed he wanted her to respond in kind. “Okay so if the staff don’t mind me waltzing around with my robes in my bag instead of on my shoulders, it should be no concern of yours.” Georgina smiled sweetly, but her tone became progressively closer to threatening than amused as she continued talking. “I’m borrowing your desk,” - not that it was even his property, just another space in the hall where they were all studying; if he didn’t like it he could move - “and you could be gracious enough to let a brand new student share your workspace.” She folded her arms. “I didn’t insult the professor, although he clearly thinks that over five feet each of parchment is a sensible amount for eleven years of life experience,” she nodded at the blank workspace still stretched across the two desks before them both, “which is bullshit and you know it.”

“Most importantly,” Gigi leaned in towards the boy, “if you had asked me to move my stuff, rather than start insulting me and dictating what you want me to do, I would definitely have let you have your precious desk space back. Unfortunately for you, I don’t take kindly to being bullied, so you apologise for talking to me like I’m beneath you, and we can start over, or I’m going to make your life a living hell for the foreseeable future. And yes, Lollipop, it is that time of the month, so don’t pineapple with me.” Honestly, she felt rather charitable, giving the bossy boots a chance to start over. Where did he get off, talking to younger girls like that, anyway? If books were being judged by their covers, Georgina would leave this volume on the shelf for all eternity until it had gathered so much dust and so many cobwebs that nobody even wanted to touch it.

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    • I'm more of a Munch, making you Scream - Georgina, Mon Aug 13 11:54
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