I'll try my best
Tue Aug 14, 2018 21:28

Although Dade answered his question about if coming to RMI was an important thing, he did not answer his other question about if Dade was okay after banging his head. That was not the most strange thing, in the same way as how it was not the most strange thing that Dade hadnít greeted him when he sat down next to him. Dade usually had an attitude that was quite serious combined with skeptical and wrapped up in something vague - it could be hard to figure out what he was doing or why, unless he wanted you to know and told you up-front, which for the most part he did not seem to want for Anssi. Probably he didnít want him to know if the bang had hurt. And that was silly, because it wasnít as if Anssi would judge him for that, and really he had a genuine concern because he had learned about concussions from Ruben when heíd made a comment last year about concussing Kit by accident and then had to explain it to him, and what if his head was also injured that badly? Oh, well. If Dade wouldnít tell him, that was fine. He would just have to pay extra sharp attention and keep his eyes out for any sign that he was concussed so that he could make him go to the medic.

On top of the lack of answer about having an injury or non-injury, Dadeís answer about important things was not much of an answer at all. Just because professor Boot had not specifically said that RMI didnít count didnít mean it actually didnít count. In fact, because Boot hadnít mentioned it, it almost definitely meant that it didnít count. Professor Boot was fantastic at inventing new assignment rules after they had handed assignments in. (That was a sarcasm. It wasnít fantastic. But it wasnít awful, either, because despite getting low marks now and again, Anssiís overall grade had stayed pretty medium. For lack of anything else to say, he had brought up his confusion while waiting in queue at Dracoís Quidditch tryouts earlier in the year, and one of the older girls had told him that professor Boot just gave everyone the same final grade and didnít keep track of assignments. He wasnít sure he believed her, but then again from what he understood, she was good friends with Kayeís roommate, and Heather knew all kinds of things about what happened around RMI, so maybe she was right.)

With a non-committal ďI guessĒ, Anssi looked back down at his fairly empty paper. Starting at RMI didnít feel right to include, but he already had started writing moving to America as another important thing, and after a moment he decided to keep that and also add in Ruben transferring to RMI and Mamma deciding it was OK for him to go there to. That was all as one big point on the timeline. It hadnít happened at the same time, but it happened around the same time, and if he lumped them together then professor Boot definitely couldnít mark him down for mentioning going to RMI as an important thing.

The blonde was halfway through writing that long almost-sentence (because real sentences had grammar and periods and capitals but not in that order) when Dade spoke up again. He glanced over at the other boy, frowning a little, but nodding in agreement. ďDefinitely we can not be saying that.Ē Even though Ruben was now graduated and probably did not care as much if their secret club stayed secret, he had given Remy a whole book of fighting notes self-defense and also self-offense notes, and that was a good reason to still keep it secret. Anssi sure didnít want Mamma or Pappa finding out what all his big brother had done. As Dade gave a few suggestions, Anssiís frowning-nod turned into less of a nod. ďI am not thinking we can say it is a club. All of the RMI clubs have a staff sponsor, ja? It is suspicious to not have one. So maybe to just say it isÖ study group?Ē

  • I'll leave that to you - Dade, Wed Aug 8 13:21
    Overall, Dade wasnít incredibly fond of Anssi but he didnít hate the other boy either. He kind of thought Anssi was dumb, but Ruben was (a) almost scarier than Rose and (b) a good self-defense club... more
    • I'll try my best - Anssi, Tue Aug 14 21:28
      • Is that your best? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 20:59
        ďMm,Ē Dade grunted. But Anssi had made a good point, which did happen sometimes, even if it was rare and in very weird English. He hadnít thought of the fact that real clubs had a staff sponsor. In... more
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