What if I started in the middle?
Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:13

Elliot was going to write down just dates, which Kit supposed made sense and she was about to tell him so and maybe change her own paper when Elliot said a bad word. Kit gasped audibly and clapped a hand over her mouth, knocking the parchment aside as she moved. The roll tumbled off her desk and rolled until it hit the back of the seat in front of her. She was absolutely horrified. Cussing was for grown-ups, not for kids like them! And Elliot was even younger than she was, which made it even worse! Katherine didn’t know Elliot super well. His mom was friends with Mom and Dad which meant they saw each other sometimes but they hadn’t ever spent a whole lot of time together. Elliot was really into videogames, which Kit was not, so even when they were together it didn’t take her long to get bored. Besides, Elliot usually didn’t want to watch Lilo and Stitch because he’d already seen it a couple of times. That was dumb. She loved watching movies more than once! Kit could say almost every word in Lilo and Stitch. Elliot probably couldn’t say every word of his dumb games.

But what Elliot apparently could do was say words that were only meant for grown-ups. And Katherine Kendrick was not about to let that stand.

“You can’t cuss,” she said, sitting up straight with all the authority that being a third-year gave her. Part of being a role model was about following the rules and stuff, but part of being a role model was also making sure that people didn’t break the rules. Plus, last year Katherine had figured out that she might be able to be prefect when she was a fifth year, and prefects were pretty much in charge of the rules all the time. Satveer would be a pretty good prefect though. Pretty much as long as Darlene the Evil didn’t get to be prefect, Kit was pretty sure that everything would be fine. Even if she thought it would be a little bit dumb to make Hunter a prefect since he was so good at blowing things up. You probably didn’t want a prefect blowing things up, even if it was by accident. But still, Hunter was better than Darlene.

“Cussing is only for grown-ups,” Katherine continued. “And sometimes for older kids. But definitely not for little kids like you.” After all, she was two entire years older than Elliot. Katherine wasn’t a big kid yet but she was a teenager and Elliot was just eleven. Obviously she knew better than he did. Plus, she had a boyfriend and she was pretty sure he didn’t, which made her even more mature than he was.

  • At the very beginning - Elliot Phippen, Wed Aug 8 21:17
    School had too much sitting still and listening for Elliot, but he figured he’d like it more when the subjects were Spellwork and Potions instead of English and social studies. He was mostly right.... more
    • What if I started in the middle? - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:13
      • Sounds a little avant-garde - Elliot, Thu Aug 16 20:00
        It wasn’t that Elliot had never gotten in trouble for cussing before. The first time had probably been on his second or third day of kindergarten, because he’d said “dammit” when he couldn’t fit his... more
        • Avant-garde, that's me - Katherine, Fri Aug 17 11:15
          Kit was boiling mad and she thought her head might pop right off, like in cartoons. Elliot had cussed again, right after she’d told him not to! It was like he wasn’t even listening to her, even... more
          • Yet you’re not so modern - Elliot, Wed Aug 29 21:47
            Oh, for pineapple’s sake. Getting the professor involved was a little unnecessary. If Elliot had to pick which professor to get in trouble with out of all the professors at RMI, it would definitely... more
            • Says you - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:22
              It wasn’t that Katherine had a short temper. She didn’t, usually. Whether that was from a general tendency towards obliviousness or from patience wasn’t readily apparant, it was pretty obvious that... more
              • Yes I do - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 14:52
                Elliot couldn’t hide his mischievous grin as he waited for Kit’s response. He couldn’t help it. Kit had really been asking for this to happen with her whole word-police business. Seriously, what was... more
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