Petra Stiglitz [Aquila]
Can't say I'm shocked about your attitude.
Tue Mar 21, 2017 21:25

Petra was not normally afraid of Professor Blair. The woman taught a cool class and it really helped the girl fill in the gaps of knowledge that came from her muggle/wizard raising. Being the third magical child out of six, it definitely helped her out in Cultural Studies. She knew some wizard stuff, but she also knew a good amount of muggle things as well. So far, things had gone well and Professor Blair was by far her favorite faculty member at Rocky Mountain. When it came to the teacher expecting a baby, Petra found that her favorite professor became ten times scarier. The door seemed to slam shut louder than usual and the first year was exceedingly glad that she was prompt for this particular lesson. Not that she was ever tardy, but the Aquila made it a point to never wind up late for one of her Cultural Studies lessons.

When Petra found out they were getting their exams back, she felt her mood drop. She was worried about what hers might be. She’d studied hard, probably harder than she had on any of her other exams so far at RMI. She took a deep breath and squeezed her shut, trying to not freak out like she normally did. Her heart was beating quickly, just like it did when she took the exam. However, when she peaked her eyes open, the A at the top of her paper made her want to squeal with excitement. Sure, it wasn’t an O or an E, but exactly what it was. Acceptable. The Aquila would just have to strive harder in the future. She liked this class, she liked magic, and she would definitely try her hardest to succeed in any way possible.

Thankfully, the lesson today seemed easier than the exam had been.

With a certain amount of focus, the German girl began copying down the notes from the board, brow creased in determination as she tried to make her notes legible. It was hard for the scrawl to remain neat on her parchment, much more used to the muggle lined paper that her non-magical siblings used for muggle school. As a result of the plain parchment, her lines tended to slant to the side without the missing guide. She sighed as she scratched with the quill. That was another irritant. She really missed pens. Constantly dipping a sharpened feather into an ink pot was utterly painstaking. For people who lived in an advanced society and claimed to be better than muggles for the most part, they sure were behind on certain things. The terms on the board seemed pretty simple to Petra, but she wasn’t sure which category she would fall into.

There were a couple terms and the girl knew she was somewhere in the middle. She was personally a wizard, albeit a halfblood, but she’d been raised with both muggle knowledge and wizard knowledge. She didn’t like it that there didn’t really seem to be a term for that, but maybe it just wasn’t something that Professor Blair hadn’t included because it was more inclusive about culture. Petra had strong hopes that this lesson would go alright for her.

What does wizard-raised even mean?

Grey eyes peered at their neighbor as Petra caught the words from the boy next to her. She knew his name, Dade, or so she had heard. She’d never really talked to him due to the fact that he always seemed grouchy. They’d never been paired in class before, but the Aquila figured that there was a first time for everything. Quickly consulting her notes, she rattled off what she’d managed to write down about that particular definition.

“I think wizard-raised refers to like, a pureblood who is raised just as a wizard? They might not know a whole lot about muggle culture based on if they had two magic parents.” It made sense to Petra, but she still wished that there was another term for her, because where did she fit in? The Aquila noticed that the other student had already drawn a slip of paper. She didn’t ask about it, deciding instead to see if he wanted to be her partner first. She knew they were supposed to partner with people from different years, but she hoped that Professor Blair wouldn't mind. “Do you want to work together?”

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    • Can't say I'm shocked about your attitude. - Petra Stiglitz [Aquila], Tue Mar 21 21:25
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          Petra thought that Dade had some really good questions about the lesson. The first one, the first year really wasn’t sure that she could answer and it made her frown in displeasure. She didn’t like... more
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