Sounds a little avant-garde
Thu Aug 16, 2018 20:00

It wasn’t that Elliot had never gotten in trouble for cussing before. The first time had probably been on his second or third day of kindergarten, because he’d said “dammit” when he couldn’t fit his left hand comfortably into the stupid right-handed scissors. His teacher heard and she told him that that was a bad word and that good kids did not say bad words. Elliot said that that was a stupid rule, and that even if that was true, who’d said he wanted to be a good kid anyway? So she’d sent a note home for his parents to sign. Elliot strategically picked who to ask for a signature. Mama laughed when she signed it and told him she didn’t give a pineapple if he swore at home or around grownups who were friends and family, but that he would probably get in trouble for it at school, so he should probably not do that because getting in trouble sucked. That made sense to Elliot. It didn’t mean he didn’t cuss at school anymore, just that he didn’t do it around teachers, or people who seemed like they would tell teachers to get him in trouble.

Like Grace Ann Morris. She hadn’t actually gotten him in trouble for saying “oh, goddammit” when he nicked his hand slicing shrivelfig in Potions (probably because she knew that Rob wouldn’t give a shit about cussing in his classroom), but she’d given him a very shocked look. Kit didn’t seem like the kind of person who would get on his case about cussing but apparently she was all prim about it. Who knew.

“Can so,” Elliot retorted. Why did she even care? It wasn’t like he’d sworn at Kit. There was a difference between swearing as insults and swearing as just part of what you were saying, and Elliot had done the second one. “Cussing is just words. Words are for whoever damn well wants to use them.” The corner of his mouth quirked up in a grin. Messing with Kit was fun. Elliot thought about pointing out that his mom let him swear, but in his head, ‘my mom says it’s okay’ sounded like it would just prove what she said about him being a little kid, so he didn’t say that.

“And I’m not a little kid,” he added. Okay, so maybe he was shorter and skinnier than most of the other kids in his year, and he had a June birthday so he was probably one of the younger ones, but that didn’t make him a little kid. Ari was a little kid. Their cousin Bobbie was a little kid. Elliot was eleven and old enough to be on his own at RMI. He wasn’t a little kid.

  • What if I started in the middle? - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:13
    Elliot was going to write down just dates, which Kit supposed made sense and she was about to tell him so and maybe change her own paper when Elliot said a bad word . Kit gasped audibly and clapped a ... more
    • Sounds a little avant-garde - Elliot, Thu Aug 16 20:00
      • Avant-garde, that's me - Katherine, Fri Aug 17 11:15
        Kit was boiling mad and she thought her head might pop right off, like in cartoons. Elliot had cussed again, right after she’d told him not to! It was like he wasn’t even listening to her, even... more
        • Yet you’re not so modern - Elliot, Wed Aug 29 21:47
          Oh, for pineapple’s sake. Getting the professor involved was a little unnecessary. If Elliot had to pick which professor to get in trouble with out of all the professors at RMI, it would definitely... more
          • Says you - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:22
            It wasn’t that Katherine had a short temper. She didn’t, usually. Whether that was from a general tendency towards obliviousness or from patience wasn’t readily apparant, it was pretty obvious that... more
            • Yes I do - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 14:52
              Elliot couldn’t hide his mischievous grin as he waited for Kit’s response. He couldn’t help it. Kit had really been asking for this to happen with her whole word-police business. Seriously, what was... more
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