Is that your best?
Thu Aug 16, 2018 20:59

“Mm,” Dade grunted. But Anssi had made a good point, which did happen sometimes, even if it was rare and in very weird English. He hadn’t thought of the fact that real clubs had a staff sponsor. In fact, Dade was pretty sure he hadn’t known that - but then again, he hadn’t ever tried to actually start a club. Or join one, for that matter. The only thing he’d joined at RMI aside from their self defense group was Quidditch this year and that was mostly because carrying a bat around and using it to thwack things at people made him feel safer. He had actually been a little bit disappointed when Connor had failed to sign up for Quidditch. That would have been a great opportunity for Dade to make it clear that he knew what Connor was up to. He wouldn’t even have to hit the Bludger at Connor, either - especially if they were playing a team like Lyra, where at least one of the other Beaters hated him. Then all Dade would’ve had to do was stay out of the way. He was new on the team - it was reasonable for him to miss a Bludger or five.

Joined Study Group he wrote, what he considered to be a reasonable distance away from the mark he’d put on the line that said Started School. He could put the thing with Claudia down between those two marks, but Dade wasn’t sure if he wanted to. The Cetus considered his options. If he put down Claudia trying to attack him, that would make sense because that had started off a whole host of other things. But actually, it wasn’t Claudia trying to attack him that had been the big thing. It was Claudia attacking Holland. And that had only happened because Holland and Claudia’s older brother had started dating, so that was probably the actual important thing that had happened.

Holland and Danny was added after the two existing marks, a little bit after the euphemistic mention of self defense club. Okay, that left two things left. How were they already supposed to have five things that impacted them that much? Dade was almost fifteen and therefore one of the older people in this class (Hunter had also gotten held back because of some dumb explosion he’d made, but Dade wasn’t sure if being joined by Hunter was better than being alone in this instance) so he had the most time for things to have happened, but he still couldn’t think of three things. Rose going to uni, maybe?

Rose going to Harvard joined the other marks on the parchment, and then Dade realized that he hadn’t used nearly enough of the roll that had been flung at his head.

“How the hell are we supposed to use all this parchment?” Dade snapped, glaring at the roll in frustration. “And I still have one more thing to add. You should leave early with me if we finish,” he added. He definitely didn’t want to stick around Boot’s class if he didn’t have to, but he didn’t want to be wandering alone in the hallways either. Not that Anssi was the best partner ever to have in that situation, but at the very least he was another set of eyes. Dade wasn’t sure if Claudia was past the point of doing something in front of other people who weren’t explicitly on her side. There was no way Anssi was explicitly on her side, since Ruben hadn’t really had a problem with what had happened to Claudia. He’d just been annoyed that Dade had messed up the fire ants spell.

  • I'll try my best - Anssi, Tue Aug 14 21:28
    Although Dade answered his question about if coming to RMI was an important thing, he did not answer his other question about if Dade was okay after banging his head. That was not the most strange... more
    • Is that your best? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 20:59
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