Avant-garde, that's me
Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:15

Kit was boiling mad and she thought her head might pop right off, like in cartoons. Elliot had cussed again, right after she’d told him not to! It was like he wasn’t even listening to her, even though she was older and smarter! She couldn’t believe it. That was so rude of him. Didn’t he know you were supposed to listen to older students and do what they said? Maybe Katherine wasn’t a prefect yet but she was practically almost a prefect and he should be listening to her anyway because she said so. If she had been standing, she would have stomped one purple-sequin-covered Converse on the floor in anger. Since she wasn’t, what she did instead was pop her hand up and wave it around.

“Professor Boot!” Kit called. “Professor Boot, Elliot said a bad word twice!”

Technically they had been two different bad words, but Katherine thought that the technicality was irrelevant here. They had both been bad words to say, and the second time Elliot had definitely known that the word was a bad one. She suspected he’d known the first time too but maybe his parents were like really bad at making rules or something. It wasn’t like they saw his family super duper often, so Kit didn’t really know what his mom and dad were like. She did know that his dad did video game stuff, and that his mom owned the bar where Marissa had her graduation party, but that was about it.

Still waving her hand in the air, Kit swiveled to face Elliot again. “And you are so a little kid, your voice is still all squeaky like a dumb rat..Squeak squeak squeak,” she added, making her squeaks as high-pitched and irritating as possible just to annoy him. If Elliot wasn’t going to be nice, then she wasn’t going to be nice either. Even though Kit got along very well with her older sister, she was still the youngest by several years which practically gave her a PhD in being really annoying to people when they deserved it. Marissa almost never deserved it, but sometimes she was being a butt and totally did. And if being a butt was what it took for getting annoyed by Kit, Elliot definitely qualified because he was being a total butt.

  • Sounds a little avant-garde - Elliot, Thu Aug 16 20:00
    It wasn’t that Elliot had never gotten in trouble for cussing before. The first time had probably been on his second or third day of kindergarten, because he’d said “dammit” when he couldn’t fit his... more
    • Avant-garde, that's me - Katherine, Fri Aug 17 11:15
      • Yet you’re not so modern - Elliot, Wed Aug 29 21:47
        Oh, for pineapple’s sake. Getting the professor involved was a little unnecessary. If Elliot had to pick which professor to get in trouble with out of all the professors at RMI, it would definitely... more
        • Says you - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:22
          It wasn’t that Katherine had a short temper. She didn’t, usually. Whether that was from a general tendency towards obliviousness or from patience wasn’t readily apparant, it was pretty obvious that... more
          • Yes I do - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 14:52
            Elliot couldn’t hide his mischievous grin as he waited for Kit’s response. He couldn’t help it. Kit had really been asking for this to happen with her whole word-police business. Seriously, what was... more
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