Sadie Embers
Have you tried soap and water?
Sun Aug 19, 2018 16:17

When it focused on battles and wars and all those intense conflicts, History of Magic was pretty interesting. The subject’s potential was pretty high. It didn’t call for any magic, really, and that part was lame, but she liked hearing about the fights a lot. Why were there so many goblin wars? What was wrong with those creatures? Sadie would love to hang out with a group of goblins sometime and see what made them so war-happy. If Boot had managed to do anything so far this year, it was that he’d inspired Sadie to want to see how easy it might be to cause another goblin war. Not that she’d do that, of course, but she couldn’t help being curious!

She eyed the white line on the board with a raised eyebrow. Sadie managed to sit in the middle of the class, and she couldn’t make out any of the words. If Elliot was sitting by her, she would’ve made some kind of bet that it was about a goblin, because everything was about goblins. It wouldn’t have been that much of a bet, but it would have been a fun five seconds of her time.

It did, in fact, have something to do with goblins, but they wouldn’t be talking about that today. They were stuck with making timelines of themselves, which struck Sadie as a super Muggle school assignment. And she wasn’t at Muggle school anymore. Professor Boot must have woken up with no interest in teaching today. This was just busy work, like multiplication worksheets or word searches. Well, she was here, she was in class, and she didn’t feel like leaving, so she’d play along.

The roll of paper flew at her face and she ducked. It brushed against her wild sandy brown curls before smacking Jarrett in the ear. Sadie turned around and snatched it before he could pick it up. She didn’t apologize, just grinned as he rubbed his ear in a little bit of pain, and turned back around. She could probably knock out this assignment in just a few minutes. Except she had a question, which she knew Boot wouldn’t actually answer.

Boot wasn’t great at answering questions unless food was involved.

“So,” she said to the student next to her, her brown eyes transfixed on the ridiculous amount of paper in front of her, “I know he said being born doesn’t count, since we all did that, and I guess that means coming to RMI is the same thing. But we didn’t know if I was actually eleven or not until my acceptance letter came.” Her mom celebrated Sadie’s Got’cha Day as her birthday until this past year. When the acceptance letter came, they were all super excited. She was actually eleven like they’d assumed! She had worried that maybe she wasn’t and she wouldn’t get to go to RMI with Elliot and Tycho. That acceptance was a big deal in a way that it totally wasn’t for other students. “So getting accepted into RMI should totally count on mine because it also showed me when my birthday was.”

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    There was a blotch of ink on the back of Jesse’s hand. It was dark blue, the standard shade for ink, except for black, which was possibly more standard for wizards, now he thought about it, but... more
    • Have you tried soap and water? - Sadie Embers, Sun Aug 19 16:17
      • Not yet - Jesse, Wed Aug 22 16:17
        Jesse had not even found the correct page yet when the girl sitting next to him started speaking to him. She said that being born didn’t count because everyone had done it, which was a strange thing... more
        • Then when? - Sadie, Sun Aug 26 14:58
          “You didn’t know when your birthday was?” “That’s what I just said,” Sadie raised her eyebrows. Was the other student hard of hearing? She thought what she was saying had been abundantly clear. There ... more
          • No time like the present - Jesse, Sun Sep 9 16:28
            The girl explained that she was adopted. Jesse knew what that was. He didn’t know anyone who was adopted, as far as he was aware, but the concept was not a mystery. He did think it was normal for... more
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