Then when?
Sun Aug 26, 2018 14:58

“You didn’t know when your birthday was?”

“That’s what I just said,” Sadie raised her eyebrows. Was the other student hard of hearing? She thought what she was saying had been abundantly clear. There wasn’t another way that “we didn’t know when my birthday was” could be taken. Maybe he didn’t speak English as a first language - although he could have fooled her; his accent was great - and didn’t understand the concept of birthdays. Did they have birthdays in his unknown country of origin?

Oh, he just didn’t understand because he was stupid. Never mind, then.

“No, there wasn’t a record. I was adopted.” She said it as if it was the simplest, most nonchalant thing in the world, and to Sadie, it was. Her birth parents remained a mystery to her. She’d figured out quickly that she and her mom weren’t related. They weren’t the same skin tone at all, and her mom had never been interested in lying or covering that up. There’d never been a question about whether or not she was adopted. Her mom was honest about the adoption thing. Neither of them knew anything about her birth parents, and that was fine by Sadie. She had her mom, and Hayden, and the huge family that came with both of them. She didn’t feel much of a need for them.

Not that she was gonna tell this stranger that. He had to, like, be a friend first. Buy her lunch or something. Was he one of the older kids who could go to Pearl Street? She’d totally make up a sad adoption sob story in exchange for a really good plate of mac and cheese. There were some good ones at the Finer Diner, but it just didn’t compare to what you could get at a solid cafe. Plus, she liked when she went out with her mom and she let Sadie have a sip of whatever adult drink she was drinking. Sadie missed that.

“Of course I had birthday parties!” the Cetus scoffed. Who didn’t have birthday parties? “We just guessed when they should happen.” In fact, Elliot was one of the biggest birthday party people she knew. Party may have been an exaggeration, but she still liked it. Once a month, Elliot would do something and call it her birthday present. Sometimes they’d be actual gifts and other times it’d be simple, like sharing his snacks with her during lunch. Sadie loved all of that and was almost a little disappointed to learn when her real birthday was. Now they knew and she had to wait once a year for those kinds of things!

“Whatever, I’m gonna put it on my timeline anyway,” Sadie decided, because she knew she was right about it being more significant than anyone else’s birthday or RMI acceptance. “Not like Boot is gonna grade it anyway. I mean, has anyone ever gotten a graded assignment back from him?”

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  • Not yet - Jesse, Wed Aug 22 16:17
    Jesse had not even found the correct page yet when the girl sitting next to him started speaking to him. She said that being born didn’t count because everyone had done it, which was a strange thing... more
    • Then when? - Sadie, Sun Aug 26 14:58
      • No time like the present - Jesse, Sun Sep 9 16:28
        The girl explained that she was adopted. Jesse knew what that was. He didn’t know anyone who was adopted, as far as he was aware, but the concept was not a mystery. He did think it was normal for... more
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