Yet you’re not so modern
Wed Aug 29, 2018 21:47

Oh, for pineapple’s sake. Getting the professor involved was a little unnecessary. If Elliot had to pick which professor to get in trouble with out of all the professors at RMI, it would definitely be Professor Boot. Rob was a close second, but he would probably still punish you if he thought it would be funny, whereas Boot might just forget about it before it was time for the punishment part. He forgot about a lot of things. Like, Elliot had kind of stopped doing all the homework assignments for this class because Boot forgot to collect them all the time, so Elliot just turned in the latest one that he’d finished whenever Boot remembered that something was due. One time he’d forgotten that they had a test, only then Rosemarie Lemont had reminded him and they’d all had to take it anyway. Ugh, that had been so pineappling annoying.

“Well, so is yours,” Elliot said hotly, not caring that girls’ voices didn’t change, “and besides, you’re the one who’s acting like a baby about two little words that aren’t even that bad.” There was a definite hierarchy of swear words and ‘ass’ and ‘damn’ were definitely the two lowest words on the hierarchy. The c-word was at the top, just above pineapple, and then there were a few other words, and then ‘hell’ was below those. Basically, if the words were in the Bible, they didn’t really even count as swearing.

Not that Elliot had ever read the Bible. Neither of his parents did the church thing. Elliot and Ariana both had godparents—his were Mama’s friends Celeste and John, and Ariana’s were Dad’s friend Zack and also Cel again (Aunt Cel was so awesome she got to have both of the Harper-Phippen kids as godkids)—but they hadn’t been baptized or anything. It just wasn’t their thing. Elliot had a very vague understanding of religion, but he agreed that sleeping in on Sunday mornings was a way better use of time.

The point was that Elliot hadn’t even said words that were that bad and now Kit had her panties in a bunch over two cusses that weren’t even the worst cuss words Elliot knew. If he said any of the real bad words, her head would probably explode. …What the hell, Boot hadn’t even come over yet, and if he did show up, Elliot would just say—okay, he didn’t have a contingency plan for that, but he could figure it out. Distract Boot with something about goblins, maybe. Elliot couldn’t help smirking a little (partly because he felt like that and partly because his smile was just like that) as he continued, “Like, ‘bitch’ and ‘shit’ are definitely worse words and I didn’t say those.”

  • Avant-garde, that's me - Katherine, Fri Aug 17 11:15
    Kit was boiling mad and she thought her head might pop right off, like in cartoons. Elliot had cussed again, right after she’d told him not to! It was like he wasn’t even listening to her, even... more
    • Yet you’re not so modern - Elliot, Wed Aug 29 21:47
      • Says you - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:22
        It wasn’t that Katherine had a short temper. She didn’t, usually. Whether that was from a general tendency towards obliviousness or from patience wasn’t readily apparant, it was pretty obvious that... more
        • Yes I do - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 14:52
          Elliot couldn’t hide his mischievous grin as he waited for Kit’s response. He couldn’t help it. Kit had really been asking for this to happen with her whole word-police business. Seriously, what was... more
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