No time like the present
Sun Sep 9, 2018 16:28

The girl explained that she was adopted. Jesse knew what that was. He didn’t know anyone who was adopted, as far as he was aware, but the concept was not a mystery. He did think it was normal for there to still be some record of birth, even if a child was not adopted precisely at that time, but he was equally persuaded that some circumstances could lead to nobody knowing the origin of the child. There might be ways to find out, with medical records and the like, but perhaps sometimes even that was not possible. Perhaps sometimes it was not preferable. While Jesse was familiar with the concept of adoption, he was certainly not an expert on the topic. Sadie would definitely know a great deal more about it than Jesse, being adopted herself, and so he decided to take her word that her own birthday had been unknown until the letter had been delivered. “Oh,” he said by way of acknowledgment, “then that does sound more important than everyone’s else’s.” Of course that sentence assumed that everyone else in the school had known their birthday prior to receiving a letter, too, and as Sadie had just proved, that might not always be the case. “Everyone who already knew their birthday,” he amended clumsily.

At least the girl had parties. Jesse supposed you didn’t really need to know your birthday to have a party. Besides, there were parties for all sorts of things, like hallowe’en and bar mitzvahs and all sorts of things. Even when he was celebrating his birthday, and he knew the proper day, Jesse’s birthday parties had sometimes been held on a different day because it was easier to have a party on a weekend, especially when it was for a bunch of kids who couldn’t stay up too late because they had school the next morning.

She started to add things to her timeline, and that puzzled Jesse. He thought they were supposed to be writing a timeline for one of the key figures in the rebellion, like Boot had done on the board, but this first year seemed to be doing one for herself. Jesse surreptitiously glanced around him, but could not easily see the parchment of any of the other students for comparison. He would have liked to be in a position to instruct the newer student, but he was well aware that he had not being paying much attention himself to the start of class lecture. He rubbed absently at the ink blotch on his hand and frowned as he wondered which of them had the right idea, and who was going to fail this class.

Or perhaps not, as his partner brought up a semi-valid point about Professor Boot. “I have had assignments returned,” Jesse helpfully enlightened her, “but with sporadic marking. I have received every grade from O to T in this class and I would assume my standard of work has not varied that much.” His basis for this was that in every other class he was just about managing to scrape an average A grade, with very little fluctuation between that mark and those either side of it. History of Magic was the only and great exception. “I’m in second year,” he added, in case that was not already clear and the younger girl might think she had been missing out on returned assignments. “My name is Jesse.”

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    “You didn’t know when your birthday was?” “That’s what I just said,” Sadie raised her eyebrows. Was the other student hard of hearing? She thought what she was saying had been abundantly clear. There ... more
    • No time like the present - Jesse, Sun Sep 9 16:28
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