Jesse Keller
Keeping to Myself
Fri Nov 30, 2018 16:22

Sometimes there just were too many people around at Rocky Mountain school. Jesse could accept that it was a small school, but even a small school was considerably bigger and busier than a small home, and even in the bedroom that he shared with Felix he could be sure of some people and quiet when his younger brother was out at music and gymnastics lessons or whatever took his interest that particular holiday. Keith was a much better than roommate than Felix, not least because he didnít hit Jesse or call him fat, but he also liked many of the same things that Jesse liked, and he shared his comic books with Jesse, and he was overall considerate and just about the best roommate that Jesse could hope for. But still there were times when Jesse just wanted to be on his own, and know he was on his own, and to not be disturbing anyone, or be disturbed by them, either.

One day when the Draco was feeling very much like he wanted to just be on his own for a bit, he left his bedroom and just walked fairly aimlessly until he passed by the lecture hall. The door was closed. Jesse peeked inside, and the room was empty. Blissfully, gloriously and peacefully empty. Based on the assumption that it was not potentially hazardous, like the practical lab, or used for scheduled activities, like the theater, Jesse believed he would not be interrupted here, nor be in trouble for taking advantage of this secluded space. He did intend to use it for schoolwork, anyway, so he took out some clean parchment and his quill and ink, and his astronomy textbook. Jesse liked astronomy. It might even be his favorite class, even though it didnít require actual use of magic. Nothing went too badly wrong if you missed part of the class because your attention wandered - he had ended up doing spells wrong or accidentally making potions congeal horribly by various lapses of attention. In astronomy he just earned a frown from the professor who needed to repeat words already spoken, but it was only a minor inconvenience, he was sure - and it made so much sense. The paths of stars and planets and their relationship with various magics made complete sense to Jesse. It was logical, and traceable, and ever-present.

Armed with star charts and his most recent homework assignment, Jesse was humming loudly (it was okay if he was making the noise, it was everyone else around him that caused distractions) with his tongue poking out the side of his mouth, and so engrossed in his work he did not even notice the door to the lecture hall open once more.

    • Don't mind me - Russell Drew, Sat Dec 8 23:44
      Even since the Incident, Russell had been very hesitant to try shifting back into his Animagus form without a professor in his vicinity, preferably Aaron McKindy. This hesitancy was probably for the... more
      • I don't, at all - Jesse, Sun Dec 9 17:15
        Having not heard the door to the lecture hall open, Jesse was surprised to hear it close. He kept humming to himself, but adjusted the volume so the sounds he made were quiet to his own ears, let... more
        • In retrospect, I do - Russell, Thu Dec 27 03:57
          Time passed differently when Russell was stuck inside his own head. After his eighteen years of existence, this fact was well-established, but still never failed to catch him a bit by surprise when... more
          • You give me hope - Jesse, Sun Jan 6 12:18
            No sooner had Jesse committed to his assignment once again, he was distracted a second time by a noise: this time a series of sounds indicating a selection of small objects had dropped to the floor.... more
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