Russell Drew
Don't mind me
Sat Dec 8, 2018 23:44

Even since the Incident, Russell had been very hesitant to try shifting back into his Animagus form without a professor in his vicinity, preferably Aaron McKindy. This hesitancy was probably for the best considering, well, the Incident itself.

He had also been awkward(er than usual) around Myffi. Not that she had done anything wrong - in fact, he quite appreciated that she was the one to come across him in that state, as he imagined that some of the other students would not have reacted nearly as well to an armadillo running rampant in the snow. But there simply weren’t any standards of etiquette he was aware of for how to go back to normal with a girl who was sort of a friend after said girl who was sort of a friend had literally picked you up and pet you. It had been an overall baffling and uncomfortable experience for Russell.

Not to mention the part where he had been able to identify Myffi by scent as an armadillo, but couldn’t smell her at all as a human, but still remembered what she smelled like whenever he saw her about the school, enough that he could easily believe he was smelling her even though the part of his brain that did logic knew he was only imaging it. It was a rather conflicting experience. Though maybe not quite as conflicting as finding out that being picked up and carried was mostly uncomfortable due to who was doing the picking-up and not actually of much physical discomfort.

Of even further conflict had been the revelation, just when he thought he’d get carried to relative safety at the school greenhouses, that Myffi was in a savvier place than expected as she had successfully guessed it was him. Now, Russell didn’t think he was ashamed of his Animagus form being an armadillo (because it wasn’t as if he could do anything to help that, and really he probably deserved to be a centipede or something, so he was glad to at least be a mammal instead). He also didn’t think he was particularly ashamed of his fellow seventh-year knowing how thoroughly he’d screwed up (because c’mon, he might have only known Myffi a short time since she transferred in, but surely it was long enough for her to be familiar with the string of disaster that was his very essence of being and caused him plenty of standard, regular embarrassment on the day-to-day. On a scale of ‘repeatedly crashing into the goalposts during Quidditch matches’ to ‘puking in the middle of a party in front of Holland and Ruben’, getting stuck in his animagus form, although humiliating, was not on the more soul-crushing side of the scale). However, he had still hesitated longer than necessary before screaming back at her, and he wasn’t sure why, and that was conflicting.

All told, while discovering he could transform in his entirety had been a surprisingly uplifting start to the last half of his last year, the Incident had pulled that down by the nose rather sharply, and flipped it inside-out to boot. It didn’t matter that it had been over a month since the Incident; it didn’t matter that he was kept busy with coursework, exam prep, sending off a couple applications to college programs he wasn’t interested in, and trying to pretend he was able to manage the younger Cetis’ drama without actually having a clue what said drama was about. He was still having regular one-on-ones with Professor McKindy, who had made an effort to reassure him that he shouldn’t feel too bad about it while simultaneously giving him the impression it wasn’t at all normal. And thus he was still thinking about the Incident. A lot.

Too much, apparently, because he had entered the lecture hall, taken a seat near the back, and opened his textbook on the attached desk before realizing the silence. His vision was normally unobscured (the curse of being an unfortunate giant) but there was not normally only the back of one head in sight. Especially such a small head… one of the first or second-years, it looked like, though from behind he had no idea who. Russell quickly reached the conclusion that they were actually not having History of Magic today. Might as well get some work done while he was here and relatively alone, the Californian figured, and traded the history text for his Cultural Studies homework. For some reason they were learning how to do taxes - useful, but currently confusing. The scenario he was working on required calculating property taxes for the Muggle municipal government simultaneously as income taxes for magical government at the federal level, all while following a plethora of rules about currency levelling. With the Incident still hovering in mind, he found it difficult to get back into the numbers and was soon zoned out again, staring blankly behind his aviators at the small melon-deep-grey head seated farther in front.

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