I don't, at all
Sun Dec 9, 2018 17:15

Having not heard the door to the lecture hall open, Jesse was surprised to hear it close. He kept humming to himself, but adjusted the volume so the sounds he made were quiet to his own ears, let whoever had opened the door did not want to be disturbed by his humming. Submerged in his star charts, Jesse did not attribute any effort to deciphering why the door had opened or closed, but as time passed he felt a nagging sensation, as though this unsolved mystery of the closing door would prevent him from really engaging with his work. Refusing to abandon his recently boarded, astronomy assignment bound train of thought so easily, Jesse pressed on with his work, but the damage had been done: his mind kept wandering to the other occupants of the room who had yet to announce their presence.

Now he was thinking about it, Jesse considered that he had been inclined to assume the person who closed (and originally opened) the door had been a professor, who would ask Jesse to explain his presence in the otherwise empty lecture hall, and perhaps ask him to leave. In fact he kept waiting for a professor to speak thus, certain now that the sound would be heard any moment, but not such question or command was forthcoming. That theory was proved defunct (it could still be a teacher or other staff member, and they could still ask Jesse to leave, but it was unlikely now that so much time had elapsed that they had entered the room for that sole purpose, at any rate).

There had been some talk recently among the younger students about ghosts in the school. Jesse had heard about a poltergeist who lived in the passageways, or was it a boy who lived in the passageways and a poltergeist on the Quidditch Pitch? The stories had blended and become confusing, and Jesse had only overheard them anyway, or else been told them when his mind was already engaged in another task and he had been able to attribute sufficient attention to both tasks to process the ghost stories well enough to commit them to memory. All that Jesse so far understood about ghosts was that they could drift through walls and doors as though they didnít have real matter, so if it was a ghost opening the door, it would have to be a poltergeist. Such beings (or non-beings, perhaps; did a poltergeist count as a being?) were reputed for pranks and mischief. Jesse did not like the sound of that.

Finally prompted to move, he looked above him, half-expecting to see a specter floating along the ceiling, but there was no presence there. Twisting his head, Jesse turned more towards the door and the chairs in tiers behind him, and he saw not a ghost, but the Head Boy. While this lower-ranking figure of authority could reasonably also turn Jesse out from a place he should not technically be, the older boy was making no effort to do so, and in fact seemed to have entered the lecture hall for the same reason as Jesse: to get some work done in quiet. If that were the case, then Jesse ought to leave him to it. He turned back around and returned his attention to his star charts.

  • Don't mind me - Russell Drew, Sat Dec 8 23:44
    Even since the Incident, Russell had been very hesitant to try shifting back into his Animagus form without a professor in his vicinity, preferably Aaron McKindy. This hesitancy was probably for the... more
    • I don't, at all - Jesse, Sun Dec 9 17:15
      • In retrospect, I do - Russell, Thu Dec 27 03:57
        Time passed differently when Russell was stuck inside his own head. After his eighteen years of existence, this fact was well-established, but still never failed to catch him a bit by surprise when... more
        • You give me hope - Jesse, Sun Jan 6 12:18
          No sooner had Jesse committed to his assignment once again, he was distracted a second time by a noise: this time a series of sounds indicating a selection of small objects had dropped to the floor.... more
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