Professor Aaron McKindy
Meeting Your Match [Spellwork Yrs I - III]
Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:24

It was mid-April, which meant nothing in particular to Aaron McKindy except that he’d spent some time with Madeleine the week before making and decorating egg-shaped cookies. He hadn’t told her ahead of time that they would hatch into chick cookies, but shortly after dinner the egg cookies had begun to shake and within a few minutes, there were brightly decorated cookies that looked like eggshells scattered all over the counter with cookie chicks scooting themselves around in circles. Each chick was colored in the same way the eggs had been decorated, which made for some very interesting chicks. It had been a fun evening, and Aaron had made sure to set aside some egg cookies for Drew to share with his friends.

Spring meant that STOATs were coming up, and Aaron was only worried about a few students in his class, so he wasn’t pressing them too hard. Focusing on reviewing some basics and offering supplementary work sessions for any students who wanted to attend was as far as he was going this year - the group of students he was working with were very bright, and it didn’t make sense to stress them out unnecessarily over a test that they were likely to manage with ease. The Spellwork professor had been teaching long enough to know that some of the students would work themselves up regardless of what he did, so he was doing his best to keep lessons light and fun in the meantime. Aaron had never been one for lessons that were boring and rote, but it was especially important for right now. Learning was still necessary, but it didn’t need to be more stressful than it might be otherwise.

With the help of some house-elves and a local thrift store, Aaron was standing in the lecture hall surrounded by a large pile of socks. As the students filed in with some confusion - Spellwork was typically held in the Practical Lab - they would be finding a single sock on their desks. None of the socks matched in terms of color or pattern, but they did match in one very significant way: upon being picked up, each sock would hum either the first half or the second half of a nursery song. ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ made an appearance, as did ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ and ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. Aaron expected some degree of chaos in the first several minutes of class, and waited until the sounds of humming socks had more or less died down to start the class.

“Hello!” he greeted them sunnily. It was more chipper than he was actually feeling, but as a classic introvert, that wasn’t a word he would regularly use to describe himself. “Today you’re going to be playing a fun game while also learning one of the spells that you’ll find very useful in your adult life.

“On your desks, you each have a sock that hums either the first or second half of a nursery song. Your partner will be the person whose sock hums the missing part of your song.

“For the activity, your goal will be to re-create the song assigned to you by matching and folding pairs of socks. Before you think you can be clever and sort them like Muggles,” Aaron held up one finger warningly, making pointed eye contact with the members of the class most likely to find and exploit loopholes in assignments, “You should note that none of these socks,” he gestured at the large pile around him, “are matching pairs in terms of color or pattern. You will only be able to tell if a pair of socks matches when it is magically folded, because it will hum a part of a nursery song. Your goal is to recreate the nursery song your original socks hum by matching and folding pairs of socks. Each song has been divided up into six parts, so by the end of the class you should have seven pairs of neatly folded socks: your original pair and the six found pairs.

“In order to find a matching pair of socks,” the Spellwork professor continued, picking up a sock at random. It had black and white stripes with purple butterflies on it, and hummed the beginning of ‘Frere Jacques’. Aaron twirled his wand once, then tapped the sock in his hand and clearly enunciated “Iugum!”

The pile at his feet seemed to squirm a little bit, and after a moment a mustard-yellow colored sock zoomed up and attached itself firmly to the original sock. “Then in order to fold them,” Aaron continued, running his wand along the length of the sock on top, then tapping the centre of it saying “Conplico.” The two socks zipped together and quickly folded themselves very neatly, humming the last bar of ‘Frere Jacques’.

“To make things easier, each sock will hum the first part of its song when you first pick it up,” Aaron clarified. “But it may have a different part of the song when matched with its pair.”

The man looked around, rather pleased with himself at the expressions on their faces. He loved teaching Spellwork, especially when he got to put lessons like this together. It was such a fun exercise and such a useful spell too - nobody liked searching for and folding socks, and for those students without house-elves (so, most of them) it would be a time-saver when they were old enough to be doing their own laundry.

“All right, go ahead and find your partners!” Aaron directed. “If you have any questions, just raise your hand and I’ll come help you out.”

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      Vivica sat starting at the colourful, attractive, sock that lay haphazardly on her desk having listened to what she thought could only be described as ‘THE most confusing start to a lesson. EVER!’... more
      • Nope, but they hum! - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Wed Dec 26 16:49
        The first-year sitting next to him - she was in Cetus, he believed - didn't seem very impressed with today's lesson. Personally Anssi could have gone without class at all today, he thought, having so ... more
    • Grayson blinked through his thick glasses at the sock he held in front of him. It was truly the most horrifically ugly sock he had ever seen. Normally he didn’t spend much time considering sock... more
      • On? - Elliot Phippen, Fri Dec 28 19:16
        Years of learning the right sequence of buttons for combos and using movement-detecting consoles and learning lore had prepared Elliot for Spellwork, the wizardiest class offered at RMI. Even though... more
        • ”I do!” Grayson turned his head in time to see his roommate dodge around an older Cetus and quickly cover the distance between them. Grayson hadn’t realized how excited Elliot could get about socks... more
          • All through the lecture hall - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 15:31
            Grayson was the kind of person who could just do all that math in his head. Elliot wasn’t, and the number sounded big enough, so he didn’t second-guess his roommate. The number basically proved... more
            • ”...and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.” “What? No. What? Why?” Grayson stammered aimlessly like that for a minute before he was able to arrange his thoughts into words.... more
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