Grayson Ioma
The humming from the socks goes on and on, on and on, on and
Sun Dec 23, 2018 14:42

Grayson blinked through his thick glasses at the sock he held in front of him. It was truly the most horrifically ugly sock he had ever seen. Normally he didn’t spend much time considering sock fashion. In fact he couldn’t remember ever thinking about sock fashion before. But now, staring at this strangely wide sock made of somehow tangled brown wool thread with pink stripes and yellow polka-dots, he was forced to. The fact that the sock was humming a tune Grayson couldn’t quite put his finger on was not helping, either.

It was pretty frustrating, actually. It must be the second half of something or else he’d probably have figured it out instantly. It was very familiar, it was on the very tip of his brain. It almost sounded like something you might hear after solving a puzzle in a video game or something, but his brain rebelled against that idea very quickly. It definitely wasn’t that.

Cocking his head to one side Grayson tried to tune out all the other humming going on around him and focus on his heinously ugly sock alone and figure out the individual notes. It sounded like a C, a bunch of Fs, something, high C, something, F, something else, some Cs, and an F. Since the sock was humming instead of playing clear notes it was a little hard to tell, but he thought that was probably something close to what the sock was aiming for.

As with sock fashion, Grayson rarely thought about nursery songs in terms of the notes that made them up, although he guessed there was a better chance he had probably done so at least once before. Dropping his sock back onto the table he closed his eyes and went through the nursery songs he could think of. It definitely wasn’t ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’, it wasn’t ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, it definitely wasn’t ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’... but it was ‘The Wheels on the Bus’! It was the “all through the town” part instead of the extra “round and round”s that had been throwing him off! Of course it was ‘Wheels on the Bus’! Picking the horrible mutant sock up again he could immediately hear it now that he knew what it was.

Jumping up once with the monstrously ugly sock clutched tightly in his fist above him he let out a jubilant “yes!” at having solved it. “Who’s got ‘Wheels on the Bus’?” he called loudly.

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    • The humming from the socks goes on and on, on and on, on and - Grayson Ioma, Sun Dec 23 14:42
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