Vivica Dixon
Socks don't sing.
Wed Dec 26, 2018 13:35

Vivica sat starting at the colourful, attractive, sock that lay haphazardly on her desk having listened to what she thought could only be described as ‘THE most confusing start to a lesson. EVER!’ The sock quietly hummed as she stared past it into the abyss. Had the sock not been humming, Vivica would have happily loved it and cared for it and possibly given it a name, but the very fact that it immited a tune frustrated her. Vivica self identified as ‘tone deaf’ and whilst she could hum a tune (almost), she couldn’t keep it and it nearly always blurred into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Jingle Bells depending on the season. Carols around the fire at Christmas was a definite no-go as far as Vivica was concerned.

Vivica was of the mind set that music was something to send babies to sleep, or used to set the mood at a restaurant, or could distract oneself from your thoughts other people’s thoughts. Whilst she understood music could make people feel… *something*, it just didn’t her. She put it down to her mother’s shrill solos on a Sunday morning whilst doing the vacuuming.

Vivica’s sock continued to hum as she picked it up. “I’d have prefered to just knit the other one…” She grumbled as she looked around at the rest of her classmates, “I don’t pair my socks anyway!” She said in a slight huff. “Why do I need this?” she protested. It was however, as far as she was concerned, a valid argument. She didn’t pair her socks because they were all colourful and she didn’t believe in wearing pairs. Well, within reason. Like she wouldn’t wear one knee high sock and one ankle sock - they had to be of the same type, but style was somewhat flexible. To Vivica, socks weren’t monogamous, though they were somewhat racist apparently.

Vivica focussed back on her sock, the tune not in the slightest familiar to her. Suddenly, an idea came into her head. She didn’t know what the tune was, but someone else might! Even if they didn’t tell her the tune, she could try and listen to what they weren’t saying. Vivica leaned into the person next to her, “I’ve got no idea what this is, do you think…..” she paused hoping the other person would interject with what the tune was.

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    • Socks don't sing. - Vivica Dixon, Wed Dec 26 13:35
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