Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
Nope, but they hum!
Wed Dec 26, 2018 16:49

The first-year sitting next to him - she was in Cetus, he believed - didn't seem very impressed with today's lesson. Personally Anssi could have gone without class at all today, he thought, having so much work to catch up on before the STOATs examinations started. (An outside observer would know that he wasn't actually very behind in his coursework, or even behind at all. But with so many distractions in the past months, a swarm of them that could all be summarized in two syllables starting with R, the blonde sure felt like he had let himself slip academically. His practical wandwork would be fine, the secret self-defense club having helped him very much with his casting confidence despite being a reminder of his brother's legacy at RMI, but he hadn't made any headway studying for the written portions. Especially History of Magic. How was he supposed to know what they would be tested on when Professor Boot's lessons didn't even follow a schedule?)

Anssi opted not to respond to her claim that she would rather knit a sock than find its pair - knitting was a practical skill, probably, he had no experience with it himself, but he wasn't in the mood to argue whether it was a more practical skill than sock-matching. Instead, he observed the sock in front of him. It was quite a nice-looking sock; it had a jagged pattern in several shades of blue with the odd yellow line darting through, and it looked warm, too. Maybe fuzzy enough to be more of a slipper than a sock for wearing inside shoes. Unlike some people, Anssi preferred to wear clothes indoors, and that included socks, even when in the relative privacy of the Draco commons or his own room. He had a thick pair himself that he treated like slippers, and changed into when he kicked off his sneakers for the day, although they weren't as brightly patterned as the single sock on his desk. Tentatively picking the sock up, it started humming a quiet and so far unrecognizeable tune.

His attempt at deciphering the sock's song was interrupted when the girl leaned over and asked him for help with her own. With more patience than he'd thought himself capable of at that particular moment, Anssi set down his sock again. "Ja, sure... oh, I know it!" he cut himself off, surprised at how quickly the sounds were familiar. "It is Jos sull lysti on." It was a common song, but specifically her sock was humming the second half, which would explain why the girl - Vivica, it came to him suddenly, a very unusual name - it would explain why Vivica hadn't recognized it.

Well. That, and he had just named it for her in Not English, and he was not sure if the song existed in English. "I do not know how to translate it," he admitted, "or if you know it, but maybe it will help if I sing a bit...? I am not a great singer, either, I warn you." Anssi gave her a small, skeptical grin and began. "Jos sull lysti on niin kätes yhteen lyö." He clapped twice and repeated, "Jos sull lysti on niin kätes yhteen lyö," clap, clap! "Jos sull lysti on ja tiedät sen niin varmaan myöskin näytät sen jos lysti on niin kätes yhteen lyö." Two more claps finished it off. Anssi hadn't realized his volume was rising throughout, but now clued in and, ears going bright red and creeping down his neck, he turned away from a couple others staring at him and back to Vivica. "You have it now?" Please say yes, he hoped.

| ooc: can't figure out how to link a vid on my phone, so helpful hint, the song Anssi songs is the same tune as If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

  • Socks don't sing. - Vivica Dixon, Wed Dec 26 13:35
    Vivica sat starting at the colourful, attractive, sock that lay haphazardly on her desk having listened to what she thought could only be described as ‘THE most confusing start to a lesson. EVER!’... more
    • Nope, but they hum! - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Wed Dec 26 16:49
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