In retrospect, I do
Thu Dec 27, 2018 03:57 (XFF:

Time passed differently when Russell was stuck inside his own head. After his eighteen years of existence, this fact was well-established, but still never failed to catch him a bit by surprise when he snapped back to reality to find himself hungry or tired, or some other observeable sign of the passing of time beyond what he'd originally set out to do. At least this time, he hadn't followed the exact same pattern as in the (undeniably worse) throwing-up-spontaneously-at-a-school-party Incident. That sequence had been located at Quidditch practice before their match against Aquila, where he suddenly pictured Ruben behind a bat and began wishing fervishly that a bat had been present at the party too as that would have been a more valid reason for puking than Emmett of all people - before snapping out of his own head to find that he'd unknowingly been leading his team in repeated laps circling farther and farther out from the Pitch. He had pretended that was intentional, and most of them seemed either placated by that claim or uncaring or confused, so it could have gone worse. What if he'd crashed into the goalhoops, for instance?

This time, what surprised him was a clatter of small thumps and pings as his pens, pencil, and eraser were knocked off the desk by his own arm, which had fallen asleep from the awkward angle he'd been leaning over it on and spasmed uncontrollably. If he had been better at tax math (or more confident in his abilities) it wouldn't have been nearly as dramatic, but as it was, Russell had wanted the metaphorical safety blanket of working through this assignment with something eraseable before going over the final version with ink, so multiple writing implements had been necessary. (And yes, Russell was aware thqt he was a wizard, thank you, otherwise he would not have subjected himself or others to any of these Incidents. Yes, he could have used a pen from the start and magically erased or siphoned any mistakes, but that just didn't feel right. Every school he had attended prior to RMI used pencils for everything, including his homeschooling period; reachingfor q pencil first was not only a natural habit, it was comfortable, and preferred.)

"Sorry," he tried to say, but his voice scratched out halfway through, presumably from lack of use since he'd gotten up that morning. Clearing his throat, Russell made a second attempt, and it was as successful as anything he ever did was. "Sorry, my bad." The lecture hall had been so quiet that he felt an apology to the younger kid up front was absolutely necessary. But after having already apoken, he changed his mind, now feeling oddly guilty for having disrupted the peace not once but twice. Maybe he should just head out now, while he still had the chance... Leaning sideways, he reached for the fallen items and managed to grab all but the blue pen - it got bumped by the end of his pencil and rolled, not along the row of seqts as would have been helpful, but down towards the lower aisles, its progress marked by irregulqr clinks as the pocket slider thingy on the side of the pen (what were those called?) bumped along the sloped floor. It was going to wind up right at the younger atudent's feet at this rate! Okay, definitely time to cut his losses snd leave. Stuffing his workbook back into his bag, the beanstalkish teen began carefully edging sideways out of his row of seats.

  • I don't, at all - Jesse, Sun Dec 9 17:15
    Having not heard the door to the lecture hall open, Jesse was surprised to hear it close. He kept humming to himself, but adjusted the volume so the sounds he made were quiet to his own ears, let... more
    • In retrospect, I do - Russell, Thu Dec 27 03:57
      • You give me hope - Jesse, Sun Jan 6 12:18
        No sooner had Jesse committed to his assignment once again, he was distracted a second time by a noise: this time a series of sounds indicating a selection of small objects had dropped to the floor.... more
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