Elliot Phippen
Fri Dec 28, 2018 19:16

Years of learning the right sequence of buttons for combos and using movement-detecting consoles and learning lore had prepared Elliot for Spellwork, the wizardiest class offered at RMI. Even though at this level they were just making their wands flashlights and transfiguring beetles into buttons, not calling down snowstorms or chain lightning, it was totally wicked to wave your wand and see magic come out of it. Sure, sometimes they did spells that didn’t make visible sparks, but Elliot liked those less. Yes it was fun to pretend to be telekinetic but it wasn’t the same.

Professor McKindy had brought his laundry to class today, apparently, and dumped it out so that the Lecture Hall looked the way Elliot’s desk did when his parents needed the laundry basket back before Elliot had put his clothes away (they just poured the clean clothes on top of his laptop so he had to put them somewhere else if he wanted to use it). Elliot usually shoved things in his dresser drawer all scrunched up. Folding clothes was boring and if his shirts ended up too wrinkled, Mama could do a spell to instantly steam them flat. One amazing thing about RMI was that Elliot was never responsible for his laundry: the clothes just disappeared from his hamper and reappeared folded or hung up where they were supposed to go. Having elf butlers was way better than laundry piling up.

Elliot was down with the sock-song-matching minigame, although he hadn’t heard a lot of nursery rhymes growing up. Mama sang, but she didn’t sing nursery rhymes: Professor McKindy would’ve done better by her if the socks were all playing Beyoncé songs. But Elliot had also gone to library storytimes with his dad when he was little, so he knew some nursery rhymes from that, and from horror games where they did stuff like play a creepy minor-key version of “Ladybug Fly Away Home” in the burned-down orphanage.

Elliot was pretty sure he had never heard a haunted version of this song, though. How exactly could you make “The Wheels On The Bus” spooky? There was just no way.

The room had broken up into a lot of people saying song names (Rosemarie Lemont kept saying she had “Five Little Porlocks” which Elliot was pretty sure couldn’t be a real song), but Elliot didn’t have to wait long before his roommate’s voice cut through the rest of the class. “I do!” Elliot called back. He scrunched up the green-and-yellow zigzagged ankle sock in his fist and dodged around Rosemarie to get to Grayson. “Better this one than ‘The Song That Never Ends,’ right?” he grinned. Elliot was going to ask if Grayson could imagine Professor McKindy wearing socks as ridiculous as these, but the dude wore a hat made out of pink bubbles, so Elliot could actually totally imagine it. Instead he said, “Why do you think Professor McKindy has so many socks? He said none of them match so this must only be half his sock collection.” Elliot wasn’t going to do the math on this—fourteen socks times however many groups there were—but that was Way Too Many socks.

  • Grayson blinked through his thick glasses at the sock he held in front of him. It was truly the most horrifically ugly sock he had ever seen. Normally he didn’t spend much time considering sock... more
    • On? - Elliot Phippen, Fri Dec 28 19:16
      • ”I do!” Grayson turned his head in time to see his roommate dodge around an older Cetus and quickly cover the distance between them. Grayson hadn’t realized how excited Elliot could get about socks... more
        • All through the lecture hall - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 15:31
          Grayson was the kind of person who could just do all that math in his head. Elliot wasn’t, and the number sounded big enough, so he didn’t second-guess his roommate. The number basically proved... more
          • ”...and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.” “What? No. What? Why?” Grayson stammered aimlessly like that for a minute before he was able to arrange his thoughts into words.... more
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