The magic flying socks roll along, roll along, roll along
Tue Jan 1, 2019 18:50

”I do!”

Grayson turned his head in time to see his roommate dodge around an older Cetus and quickly cover the distance between them. Grayson hadn’t realized how excited Elliot could get about socks or nursery songs or both (he wasn’t sure which of those things Elliot was so excited about) but he probably shouldn’t be surprised, Elliot seemed to be excited by a lot of things, which was pretty fun.

He nodded along with the sentiment that “Wheels on the Bus” was better than “The Song that Never Ends”. Of course it would be just as easy for someone to sing “Wheels on the Bus” for an obnoxiously long time as it would be for “The Song that Never Ends”, but something about the lyrics being about going on for too long made people actually want to, which seemed crazy. It also occurred to Grayson that the way the shorter boy said that might mean he also didn’t like “The Wheels on the Bus”, but he’d have to remember to ask why later. For now it was time for science!

“Why do you think Professor McKindy has so many socks?”

Grayson quickly did the math in his head. “Two-hundred-fifty-three pairs of socks does seem like a lot,” he admitted. “But maybe he got them specifically for this class? Or maybe made them even?” Grayson shrugged and pulled out his walnut wand. He held his gross monster sock up against his roommates small zig-zaggy sock, pointed his wand at them, blinked for a moment while he tried to remember to spell, and after a moment said “conplico”. The gross evil ugly monster sock practically ate his roommates poor little sock, and Grayson made a face. “Poor little sock,” he said as he put the nominally folded pair down on the table.

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    • The magic flying socks roll along, roll along, roll along - Grayson, Tue Jan 1 18:50
      • All through the lecture hall - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 15:31
        Grayson was the kind of person who could just do all that math in his head. Elliot wasn’t, and the number sounded big enough, so he didn’t second-guess his roommate. The number basically proved... more
        • ”...and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.” “What? No. What? Why?” Grayson stammered aimlessly like that for a minute before he was able to arrange his thoughts into words.... more
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