Hum or hum? My mum says my dads hum but she means smell
Thu Jan 3, 2019 05:50

Vivica found herself initially confused by the older students unashamed interaction that very quickly lead to singing (much to Vivica’s bemusement). His, foreign (Vivica couldn’t place his accent) attempt, well, more than attempt... It was in fact, for all intents and purposes (as far as Vivica could tell) a wonderful interpretation of ‘If Your Happy And You Know It’.

As the older student tailed off, Vivica smiled. Her mood uplifted by being serenaded by a stranger. “That was super lovely. You sang beautifully.” She pressed her hands together. “We call it If ‘You’re Happy And You Know It’, and you generally do actions like clap your hands or stamp your feet.” She continued pointing out the obvious. “What do they call it where your from?” The task at hand quickly retracted to the back of her mind as Vivica felt slightly fixated on this boys accent.

Vivica turned and focused her full attention on the boy. “Where are you from, your accent is...” she though. She didn’t want to sound flirty or overly curious. She didn’t want to offend him or even put him off... She realised at this point she should have kept her mouth shut. “Lovely”. ’yep, lovely is a safe word. And it was... is lovely. “I’m Vivica, by the way. It’s super lovely to meet you!”

Vivica turned a little away from the older boy, trying not to seem too weird.

  • Nope, but they hum! - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Wed Dec 26 16:49
    The first-year sitting next to him - she was in Cetus, he believed - didn't seem very impressed with today's lesson. Personally Anssi could have gone without class at all today, he thought, having so ... more
    • Hum or hum? My mum says my dads hum but she means smell - Vivica, Thu Jan 3 05:50
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