You give me hope
Sun Jan 6, 2019 12:18

No sooner had Jesse committed to his assignment once again, he was distracted a second time by a noise: this time a series of sounds indicating a selection of small objects had dropped to the floor. Even while he expected this miniature commotion had been caused by the Head Boy he had already spied studying further up the tiers - and that assumption was based on Jesse’s current belief that nobody else was in the room (although he had not heard the door opening once before, so it would be reasonable to consider that he would not have heard this happening a second time, so in fact it was plausible that the two boys were not alone in the room together, after all) - Jesse turned his head to be certain. It was almost an unconscious decision: his head had started turning towards the commotion even before his mind had begun to formulate theories about what had caused the sounds. Such reflexes were beneficial in situations such as crossing a road, or even playing Quidditch, but did not serve Jesse well when his intention was to concentrate on his studying.

Jesse looked at the Head Boy, who then stood and offered an apology, lending weight to Jesse’s original theory that he’d been the cause of the disturbance. He was no better informed regarding the exact source of the sounds, but he did not need to know. He could infer from context that it was small items that had toppled out of a bag or off a desk, and therefore was likely to be writing implements or other similarly sized everyday objects, none of which Jesse could summon to mind right now but many of which existed, he was certain.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jesse replied, because that was one of a selection of standard replies people offered after an apology, and not because he really thought the older student would actually be worrying about it. Although it was not specified, context indicated the apology was for disturbing the quiet, and consequently Jesse's concentration. So he appreciated the apology because he was indeed disturbed, but presumably the interlude was now over and they could both return to their respective tasks.

That was not what happened. Instead, the Cetus student vacated his seat and tried to collect his things and made more noise. One of the implements - some sort of pen - bounced and rolled down the aisle and came to rest not far from Jesse’s feet. Resigned now to being disturbed, Jesse abandoned his work and stooped to collect the pen. When he righted himself, pen in his hand, dark hair unruly from being abruptly upturned, it was to witness the older student looking very much as though he was about to leave the lecture hall without all his belongings.

“Hey,” Jesse called. He could not at present recall the Head Boy’s name (but presumed he had heard it at some point and simply not retained this information, as happened with many facts Jesse did not think were interesting or relevant. Other people’s names were especially difficult for him to retain, even when he thought he would need to know them, which was not really the case with the soon-graduating seventh year) but he knew it was rude to just call ‘Hey’. Calling ‘Hey, Head Boy!’ didn’t seem much better, so Jesse followed with, “You dropped this.” He held the implement above his head for the older boy to see.

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    • You give me hope - Jesse, Sun Jan 6 12:18
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