All through the lecture hall
Sun Jan 6, 2019 15:31

Grayson was the kind of person who could just do all that math in his head. Elliot wasn’t, and the number sounded big enough, so he didn’t second-guess his roommate. The number basically proved Elliot’s point. If you had so many socks that you could get through almost a whole year without repeating any, you had too many socks. Professor McKindy had more pairs of socks than Elliot had nerdy t-shirts, which was really impressive.

Elliot’s wardrobe was about sixty percent nerdy t-shirts, and the rest was jeans and “nice” shirts (for Elliot, “nice” meant just a normal shirt without a graphic or text on it). All his socks had fun patterns. It was the only way to get Elliot to wear socks, because he hated how they felt on even though you had to wear socks when you wore tennis shoes. Somehow the weird sock-feeling wasn’t so bad when the socks had golden triforces or comic book sound effect bubbles or animated Mario side-scrollers on them.

He had a sudden mental image of Professor McKindy sitting at his desk, knitting a sock beside a gigantic pile of other socks he’d knitted, like a dragon with his hoard. Then he remembered magic, and the image abruptly changed to five hundred and six pairs of floating knitting needles each working away at a sock like the brooms in Fantasia while Professor McKindy used his wand to conduct the textile symphony. (Conjuring the socks would have been easier.)

Now that Grayson had magically folded their two socks, Elliot looked over at the massive pile. “Should we tackle Sock Mountain now?” Elliot asked, making absolutely no move to do that. Laundry was the worst chore ever—it was so boring, and infinite, because unless you did your laundry naked with no sheets on your bed and no towels on the rack then you could never be one hundred percent done—and folding someone else’s laundry was even worse. Sure, the spell was useful, but damn were there a lot of socks out there. “Or,” Elliot continued, inspired, “we could hang out until everyone else finishes and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.” That sounded a lot more fun.

  • ”I do!” Grayson turned his head in time to see his roommate dodge around an older Cetus and quickly cover the distance between them. Grayson hadn’t realized how excited Elliot could get about socks... more
    • All through the lecture hall - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 15:31
      • ”...and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.” “What? No. What? Why?” Grayson stammered aimlessly like that for a minute before he was able to arrange his thoughts into words.... more
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