The magic from the wand goes pop, spark, fwoosh
Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:03

”...and just walk through and pick up the only socks that are left.”

“What? No. What? Why?” Grayson stammered aimlessly like that for a minute before he was able to arrange his thoughts into words. “Who cares about that? If we wait til everyone else takes all their socks we’ll lose all the data!” Grayson blinked. The words he said were true but somehow probably wouldn’t make sense to other people. He took a short breath and tried again.

“We already know what happens when we fold a matching pair,” he explained with a jerk of his head towards the sock-stuffed monster sock on the table. “But what we don’t know is what happens when we try to fold unmatching socks!” Still true, still not quite right.

Grayson didn’t play a lot of video games, but he knew Elliot did. All his socks had video games on them, and even though Grayson didn’t play most of those games he knew about them. He had played Portal though, and a useful way to talk about Science suddenly occurred to him.

He picked up the “pair” of “folded” socks from the table while trying not to imagine the gross ugly monster sock slowly digesting the small zig-zaggy sock. “If we want our points of data to make a beautiful line we have to try a lot of different things.” He waggled the socks a little bit. “So this is the control, but now it’s time for the experiment!” He tossed the socks back onto the table and put a hand on Elliot’s shoulder. Looking his roommate directly in the eye he said, as seriously as he could manage “So why are we still talking when there’s science to do?”

Without waiting for Elliot’s response Grayson turned and ran over to the pile of socks, grabbing two of them at random before sliding to a stop just past the pile. One hummed “Frère Jacques” and the other “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, which was perfect. Eventually Grayson would want to find out what would happen if they tried to fold socks from the same song but that didn’t match each other, but he wanted to try this first so we wasn’t holding people up from finishing the assignment.

Grayson held the “pair” of socks (one was a fairly normal looking white tube sock and the other had green and purple stripes and was approximately as long as Grayson’s arm) in one hand and his wand in the other, and, with a mad grin, practically shouted “conplico!”

He could not have reasonably asked for a more dramatic display. There was a muffled *pop* sound, a shower of white, green, and purple sparks, and the socks flew out of his hand in opposite directions, hitting opposite walls of the room before dropping down to the floor.

Finally Grayson turned to look at Elliot again, still with a huge grin on his face and practically bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. “How cool was that?”

  • All through the lecture hall - Elliot, Sun Jan 6 15:31
    Grayson was the kind of person who could just do all that math in his head. Elliot wasn’t, and the number sounded big enough, so he didn’t second-guess his roommate. The number basically proved... more
    • The magic from the wand goes pop, spark, fwoosh - Grayson, Sat Jan 12 11:03
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