Connor Farnon
Be careful what you wish for
Tue Mar 5, 2019 08:11

Much to Connor’s outright dismay, the term so far seemed to be matching with Natalia Carboni’s predictions for him that she had chosen to share endlessly during the opening feast. He thought it was patently unfair that this was the case, because Natalia had been truly unbearable and he was loathe to think that rumors might have reached her already that made her think she had been correct. Of course, it was highly likely at this point that Natalia knew what was going on. That everyone knew what was going on. Connor had not had the opportunity to confront Dade yet, as his brother was inexplicably being allowed by the administration to room on the other side of the dorms - which was incredibly, incredibly thoughtless of them given what the younger boy had put Claudia through - but he knew that he would. Ever conscious of the right thing to do, Connor was even holding off writing their father until he had spoken to Dade directly about what was going on. There was absolutely no way that Charles Farnon knew and condoned the sort of behavior that Claudia had reported to him.

Of course that meant Rose did, which infuriated Connor. He had thought his sister knew better - knew that sort of thing was for freaks like Holland. Not for a moment had Connor considered that Rose, however questionable her logic and decision-making skills might be, would condone this sort of behavior. Although he still found the eldest Farnon intimidating, Connor was very disappointed to hear that she had let this nonsense run unchecked and potentially even encouraged it.

It was with a dark mood that Connor descended on his first lesson, Spellwork. He didn’t like McKindy on the best of days - between his utter disregard for Claudia’s traumatic experiences and his complete lack of discretion when it came to concealing his personal choices from impressionable younger students, Connor had found himself growing to despise his Head of House more and more. Today he was further annoyed because upon entering the classroom, he realized they were going to get the same speech they had received last year (and the year before) about how the class changed between STOAT level and IMP level. This was a huge waste of Connor’s time, and if it hadn’t been incredibly rude to do so he would have left the class immediately. Instead, the sixth year complied with McKindy’s ridiculous direction and at the indication they should partner up, began looking around for Claudia or Nolan, his two partners of preference.

It wasn’t as though Connor had planned to confront Andrew Tennant in the middle of the first Spellwork lesson of the year, but suddenly the boy was right there in front of him, asking if he wanted to work together. That seemed odd in even the best of times, but particularly peculiar given the circumstances. Nevertheless, once Andrew started the interaction, Connor knew that the relationship between them was going to become quite contentious quickly.

“Not particularly,” Connor said, in a rude manner he felt was quite contradictory to his normally polite nature. “I want to have a conversation about why you have entirely overstepped your bounds and made my brother - “ he paused for a split second before recalling that even in anger, it was frowned upon to use certain words to describe groups of people. It was difficult to give people who made lifestyle choices like that the benefit of the doubt, but Cultural Studies and his detentions from years before had made an impact on him. “Like your ‘parents’.” Connor finished, air quotes clearly enunciated. “Just because you seem to be unaffected by their lifestyle choice doesn’t mean that everyone can go around acting like that and expect to be accepted by decent people in society.”

  • Wanted: anyone but Kit - Andrew Tennant, Sun Mar 3 19:21
    Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa, Drew could not get stuck with Kit as his partner for this class. Out of everyone in Spellwork, Drew might have the best chance of understanding whatever rambling... more
    • Be careful what you wish for - Connor Farnon, Tue Mar 5 08:11
      • Do I get three wishes? - Drew, Tue Mar 5 10:40
        Never mind, Kit would’ve been better. Or, well, not better , because they almost definitely wouldn’t have finished the assignment, but Drew didn’t think he was going to finish the assignment now... more
        • Was that a wish? - Connor, Fri Mar 8 14:07
          Why was it that everyone except Claudia in this Merlinforsaken school was so unspeakably rude? If Andrew was disinclined to talk about what was clearly Dade’s mental disturbance, Connor would argue,... more
          • More of a request - Drew, Sun Mar 10 17:29
            Honestly Drew deserved a medal just for the fact that he didn’t instantly punch Connor. Actually it worried Drew that his first instinct was to punch Connor. Connor might have a really punchable... more
            • Aren't we polite today - Connor, Mon Mar 11 06:26
              It wasn’t as though Connor was a coward, but Andrew had already demonstrated his violent tendencies in years prior and the sixth year had absolutely no intention of getting into another brawl.... more
              • You may have spoken too soon - Drew, Mon Mar 11 12:43
                If Connor wasn’t such a simpering coward Drew would formally challenge him to duel for the words that were coming out of his mouth, but the fourth-year was certain Connor would refuse so there was no ... more
                • Doesn't sound like me - Connor, Thu Mar 14 18:54
                  Honestly, even though Connor knew that Andrew had been training with dubious magic around the time that Dakota had attacked Claudia, he hadn’t expected the younger boy to go for his wand. Perhaps he... more
                  • You’re usually so reasonable - Drew, Thu Mar 14 22:07
                    Between Connor falling on his face like an idiot and this being the first time Drew had ever used nonverbal magic, Drew was feeling pretty good right about now. Good enough to laugh. As Connor stood... more
                    • Reason is my middle name - Connor, Sat Mar 16 19:26
                      Yes, just as Connor had suspected, he had Andrew precisely where he wanted him. There were moments of silence that stretched between the two Ceti in a way that Connor relished. He wasn’t sure that he ... more
                      • Drake is mine - Drew, Sun Mar 17 11:56
                        Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Now, Drew knew for sure that he himself was bluffing. He was just guessing about it being Marley, and guessing about whether Connor really cared about Claudia knowing about... more
                        • Way too cool for you - Connor, Tue Mar 19 13:06
                          It had absolutely slipped Connor’s mind that Professor McKindy was in possession of a Pensieve. As a whole, Connor had not found that lesson tremendously useful and would have rather preferred to... more
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