Aren't we polite today
Mon Mar 11, 2019 06:26

It wasn’t as though Connor was a coward, but Andrew had already demonstrated his violent tendencies in years prior and the sixth year had absolutely no intention of getting into another brawl. Primarily, he was concerned that it might affect his relationship with Claudia. Before Andrew had attacked him in the Cetus commonroom that day, Connor and Claudia had agreed upon an exclusive friendship. Following the Cetus commonroom brawl, Claudia had, quite understandably, made it clear that was no longer something she was comfortable with. Clearly their relationship had been repaired since then, given the two brief moments where they had somewhat abandoned propriety, and Connor had no inclination towards letting Andrew disrupt that friendship once more. Because of the fuss between the party and Dade last night, Connor hadn’t even had the chance to talk to Claudia about the internship he had completed that summer. He had wanted to give Claudia details in person, but last night the thoughts had been entirely driven from his mind between worry for Claudia and stress surrounding Dade.

So when it became clear that Andrew was threatening him, even though Connor could see the other boy’s wand on the desk, Connor’s first thought was to get a teacher immediately. However, that plan was somewhat flawed given whose class they were in. Connor remembered quite clearly the disparity between his punishment and Andrew’s punishment, even though he had not been the Cetus to start the commonroom fight. It seemed as though the administration at this school was prejudiced against people with common sense and a respectable bloodline, and Connor thought that patently unfair. They wouldn’t be able to get away with that at a place like Hogwarts.

If it weren’t for his friendship with Claudia, and to a lesser extent his friendship with Nolan, Connor would have been perfectly happy to inform his father of what Dade was getting himself into. He had no doubt that his father would remove Dade from the school, and that Connor himself would have very little trouble convincing his father that he, too, should be removed from RMI. It would mean losing his prefect badge in all likelihood, but that did not concern him overly much. Connor didn’t mind being a prefect, but at this point it was not contributing significantly to his quality of life, whereas attending a school where he was given the appropriate amount of respect would.

Other things that Connor was certain would not contribute to his quality of life included being attacked by Andrew Tennant.

And of course, for all that Andrew was displaying an inordinate amount of confidence in his misguided beliefs, Connor knew that he was wrong. There was a difference between people being, well, different and those deviants who expressly influenced children to make poor decisions that would affect their entire future. Connor knew that he was looking out for his brother in standing up against this latest exhibition of mental instability.

“I do care about him,” Connor said icily, emphasising the pronoun. “And if you were a true friend to him,” another emphasis on the pronoun, “you would recognize that his mental derangement needs to be addressed immediately before he can harm anyone else - or himself.” In fact, even if Dade wasn’t in immediate danger of physical harm, he was potentially already doing massive amounts of harm to his future. It was imperative that he be stopped. “He attacked someone entirely innocent for no reason already. If your ‘dads’ were in any way responsible, they would have ensured he receive immediate intervention when that happened, instead of being allowed to roam the hallways unchecked. But of course,” Connor said sarcastically, the bubble of anger that had floated up his chest with the interaction with Remington at Claudia’s party reappearing, “they couldn’t possibly remove someone from society like that when they should have been put away years ago.”

That, Connor realized a split second after he’d said it, was not the correct thing to say. Not because he imagined that Claudia was privy to the conversation that was currently happening between Andrew and himself - Spellwork was easily the largest class the upper years had - but because Andrew himself was dangerous. Connor had forgotten that for what he now realized was a very unwise moment. He tried to compensate by stepping backwards to get out of Andrew’s reach should the violent boy try to attack him again, but the layout of the rows in the Lecture Hall was not particularly conducive to him leaving the situation as immediately as he should have.

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    • Aren't we polite today - Connor, Mon Mar 11 06:26
      • You may have spoken too soon - Drew, Mon Mar 11 12:43
        If Connor wasn’t such a simpering coward Drew would formally challenge him to duel for the words that were coming out of his mouth, but the fourth-year was certain Connor would refuse so there was no ... more
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          Honestly, even though Connor knew that Andrew had been training with dubious magic around the time that Dakota had attacked Claudia, he hadn’t expected the younger boy to go for his wand. Perhaps he... more
          • You’re usually so reasonable - Drew, Thu Mar 14 22:07
            Between Connor falling on his face like an idiot and this being the first time Drew had ever used nonverbal magic, Drew was feeling pretty good right about now. Good enough to laugh. As Connor stood... more
            • Reason is my middle name - Connor, Sat Mar 16 19:26
              Yes, just as Connor had suspected, he had Andrew precisely where he wanted him. There were moments of silence that stretched between the two Ceti in a way that Connor relished. He wasn’t sure that he ... more
              • Drake is mine - Drew, Sun Mar 17 11:56
                Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Now, Drew knew for sure that he himself was bluffing. He was just guessing about it being Marley, and guessing about whether Connor really cared about Claudia knowing about... more
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                  It had absolutely slipped Connor’s mind that Professor McKindy was in possession of a Pensieve. As a whole, Connor had not found that lesson tremendously useful and would have rather preferred to... more
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