You may have spoken too soon
Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:43

If Connor wasn’t such a simpering coward Drew would formally challenge him to duel for the words that were coming out of his mouth, but the fourth-year was certain Connor would refuse so there was no point. Which was stupid. What was the point of holding onto the bad pureblood stuff (like racism and homophobia) if you weren’t going to keep the cool parts, like honor and dueling?

But not being able to challenge Connor didn't mean Drew wasn’t going to use magic. That was why Aaron had started giving him private lessons, right? So that Drew didn’t have to throw hands the next time Connor was awful? Right. And Drew knew a lot of good spells now, from Aaron and self-defense club. There was one that delivered a mild shock (Aaron), and one that flipped your eyelids inside out (self-defense club), and one that made the floor melt so your opponent sank in and then hardened so they were stuck (Aaron), and one that made all your hair grow so you looked like a Yeti (self-defense club), and one that created a localized earthquake (Aaron).

All of those flashed through Drew’s head before he remembered that he didn’t want to get in trouble, especially in Spellwork. (If this were Potions or History of Magic, Drew would have already tackled him to the floor and started punching. Rob and Boot wouldn’t care.) He didn’t want to make a problem for Aaron, and he thought he might have a shot at Prefect next year if he didn’t get in trouble again. So he couldn’t just grab his wand and hex Connor—

But of course, they couldn’t possibly remove someone from society like that when they should have been put away years ago.

Screw it. Huburt would make a great Prefect.

Last year, Remington had started working on wandless and nonverbal magic, which meant that Drew and the rest of self-defense club had too. Drew wasn’t very good at it. But he’d never been so mad before, maybe ever in his life, except the last time he’d squared off with Connor. So Drew took all the energy he was putting into stopping himself from knocking Connor’s teeth in with his fist and channeled it all into a silent depulso

—which didn’t work, obviously, because he’d never even come close to making something happen wandlessly. Fine. Drew snatched his wand off the table in furious defeat. No sooner was the wand in his hand than a Trip Jinx shot out of it at Connor. Drew could almost call it accidental magic (he hadn’t even mouthed the incantation) if he hadn’t meant it so hard.

  • Aren't we polite today - Connor, Mon Mar 11 06:26
    It wasn’t as though Connor was a coward, but Andrew had already demonstrated his violent tendencies in years prior and the sixth year had absolutely no intention of getting into another brawl.... more
    • You may have spoken too soon - Drew, Mon Mar 11 12:43
      • Doesn't sound like me - Connor, Thu Mar 14 18:54
        Honestly, even though Connor knew that Andrew had been training with dubious magic around the time that Dakota had attacked Claudia, he hadn’t expected the younger boy to go for his wand. Perhaps he... more
        • You’re usually so reasonable - Drew, Thu Mar 14 22:07
          Between Connor falling on his face like an idiot and this being the first time Drew had ever used nonverbal magic, Drew was feeling pretty good right about now. Good enough to laugh. As Connor stood... more
          • Reason is my middle name - Connor, Sat Mar 16 19:26
            Yes, just as Connor had suspected, he had Andrew precisely where he wanted him. There were moments of silence that stretched between the two Ceti in a way that Connor relished. He wasn’t sure that he ... more
            • Drake is mine - Drew, Sun Mar 17 11:56
              Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Now, Drew knew for sure that he himself was bluffing. He was just guessing about it being Marley, and guessing about whether Connor really cared about Claudia knowing about... more
              • Way too cool for you - Connor, Tue Mar 19 13:06
                It had absolutely slipped Connor’s mind that Professor McKindy was in possession of a Pensieve. As a whole, Connor had not found that lesson tremendously useful and would have rather preferred to... more
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