What a shock
Thu Mar 23, 2017 04:53

He hadn’t worked with Petra before but Dade knew her name, if nothing else about her. She seemed to be pretty quiet, unlike some others in their year, so that was nice, but Dade had never worked with her in class before. Considering how frequently their classes had them pair up - and how many classes they shared - he was a little bit surprised there were still people he hadn’t worked with before, but since his overall experience with partners had been a little less than positive, the first year wasn’t upset to be working with somebody new. He usually partnered with Remington when possible out of a sense of comfort, but he hadn’t immediately spotted her and he wanted to stay in the back anyway. Remington was so much more friendly than him it nearly gave him hives sometimes.

“Yeah sure,” Dade said when Petra asked if he wanted to work with her. He had been under the assumption that moving next to her had signaled his interest in working together, but he guessed not. His dark brows furrowed as he chewed over her answer to his question, though. Dade thought a moment more before he spoke:

“If wizard raised means a pureblood who was raised by two magic parents, what does wizard mean?” he asked. This lesson was confusing. “And then what does Muggle-raised mean?” Dade paused and wondered if this would be in their book, or if it was just something that Professor Blair was making up entirely off the top of her head. Dade wouldn’t be surprised either way, not to mention that he didn’t entirely trust the book. A lot of the stuff in the book didn’t make sense to him, which possibly was relevant to the somewhat abysmal marks he was receiving in this class. He couldn’t ask either of his siblings for help either, because both of them had expressed a degree of confusion with Cultural Studies themselves. This class was unfair. It was specifically targeted against purebloods, and while Dade didn’t hold with purity of blood to the extent that Connor did, he still thought it wasn’t right that a class in a magical school was so prejudiced against him.

Frowning, Dade reached down to unzip his backpack and retrieved the Cultural Studies book from his backpack. The book was not in particularly good shape despite being only a few months old, an indicator of how frequently it was used. Despite his dislike of the class, Dade did genuinely try and get good marks in it. Maybe he would go to office hours after this class after all. Ugh.

  • Can't say I'm shocked about your attitude. - Petra Stiglitz [Aquila], Tue Mar 21 21:25
    Petra was not normally afraid of Professor Blair. The woman taught a cool class and it really helped the girl fill in the gaps of knowledge that came from her muggle/wizard raising. Being the third... more
    • What a shock - Dade, Thu Mar 23 04:53
      • Simmer down there, sparky - Petra, Tue Mar 28 15:31
        Petra thought that Dade had some really good questions about the lesson. The first one, the first year really wasn’t sure that she could answer and it made her frown in displeasure. She didn’t like... more
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