Pumpkin rolls are nice
Tue Mar 12, 2019 14:54

Remington Burnham was not someone that Darlene knew particularly well. However, she was poised to like the older girl because of their mutual friends and relationships: if Claudia and Drew both liked her, then there were solid odds that she was quite likable. After all, the two seemed to have different views on just about everything except for… well, except for liking Remington and Darlene. That automatic comparison to herself made Darlene instinctively like Remington more.

She was relieved that Remington agreed to work with her. Not that there was any reason not to, of course, because Darlene was a perfectly pleasant person. But as a friend of her boyfriend, the Lyra intended to make a good impression on Remington.

The other girl asked whether or not Darlene wanted to go first, and she paused, considering. Then she noticed what was on Remington’s forehead: her item was chocolate. She glanced lower briefly, noting the skin pigmentation of the person before her. The dark coloration of the girl with “chocolate” on her forehead. Why was the universe so against Darlene? “You can go first,” the younger girl offered selflessly. She definitely was not stalling for time to figure out how to not offensively complete the task at hand. Totally. Really. Honestly

  • Roll like a pumpkin - Remington Burnham, Mon Mar 11 20:07
    Of her peers, Remington knew she was often the most excited about the first classes of the term, and her fifth year was no exception. Her nonverbal magic was coming along quite nicely. She planned to ... more
    • Pumpkin rolls are nice - Darlene, Tue Mar 12 14:54
      • Pumpkin spice donuts sound amazing - Remington, Sat Mar 16 22:16
        Remington didn’t necessarily understand why Drew liked Darlene so much. Her best friend talked about his girlfriend, of course, so she’d heard the reasons. They sounded like good ones, too. Drew... more
        • Remington began, and immediately, Darlene frowned. The realization that this was actually going to be terrible swept over her as its terribleness came into tangible effect. Not that she had any... more
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