Satveer Mittal
Who’s day is it ever? Really?
Thu Mar 14, 2019 17:51

The older boy was somewhat brash in their initial response. Such a response put an already low Satveer on edge. Clearly whatever it was that they had enjoyed the night before was good enough to disable the part of their brain that enabled them to be polite. Logically Satveer could understand why the boy wouldn’t want to share how Satveer may get his hands on some alcohol during school time, within the school premises but the manner in which he addressed Satveer didn’t sit well. Unless it was such that this boy was not polite anyway. Satveer knew he was a Lyra but much like other younglings, he had previously had little to do with the older students. It was only now he was a fourth year that they would start interacting. Before Satveer could finish weighing up the older boy, he affirmed his refusal to provide any ‘booze’, and so established Satveer’s frustration.

The older boy dropped his head again and Satveer began weighing up his options. Perhaps this boy was normally polite and something had happened and he was drinking to forget. It certainly looked like it. Should popular TV shows be believed, It was a stereotypical thing to do in times of emotional crisis. Satveer had never drank alcohol before, but there was clearly a reason to do it, and this seemed like it. Maybe that’s what this boy had done. On the other hand, maybe the boy wasn’t polite to start with. Other than bumping into them in the common room or the corridors, Satveer knew nothing of him. His immediate demeanor certainly did scream friendly. If anything it said Bully or Alpha. Perhaps that was what was needed in this instance. Logic. Reason. And a good deal of pinapple-you.

Satveer leaned a little closer to the boy and attempted to choose his words carefully . “Look, I don’t want to be here. It hurts to be here.” Satveer glanced towards where Kit was sitting. “I want to just, get away from it for a bit. I’m sure you get that, right?” Satveer paused as the boy raised his head and glared at him. “And besides, If I called over Professor McKindy, she would be able to smell that there booze available in school, and I don’t want that, do you?” Yep, that did it. Satveer for some unknown reason tried a power play on a student that was two years older than him. To top it all off it was a lie. A bluff. He couldn’t smell anything really - the entire sentence was as a surprise to him as he imagined it being to the boy. Satveer could only hope that the night before was good enough to disable the part of their brain that controlled reason, or physical violence.

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  • It's really not my day - Leo, Thu Mar 14 16:35
    Get some? Get some what? Sleep? Merlin, he hoped the kid was talking about sleep, and not asking a senior student, how he might get some action. That would be disturbing. He propped open one hazel... more
    • Who’s day is it ever? Really? - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 14 17:51
      • I dunno. But it's not yours. - Leo, Thu Mar 14 20:48
        Leo was much too cranky to have to educate some fourth year on the dangers of underage drinking. Really, this shouldn't even be a conversation. If the kid was smart (which evidently he was not) one... more
        • Agreed. - Satveer , Fri Mar 15 11:38
          Satveer felt very much out of his depth. He’d never challenged anyone like that before, and he didn’t know why he’d done so now. It wasn’t his best move. He wasn’t an alpha male. He didn’t really... more
          • Think we're due a change in luck? - Leo, Fri Mar 15 13:02
            "I'm sorry,” the boy said, his hard exterior crumbling, and Leo felt himself relax in return. His pretense had worked. He would be free to continue his bootlegging business without interference from... more
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