I'm not as bad as everyone says
Thu Mar 14, 2019 18:26

“You did that?” Anssi said. Claudia quirked an eyebrow in affirmation. She thought Anssi looked impressed as he sat down. She decided, however, that his personal response to the incident didn’t matter: his knowledge of the event bent itself to a flicker of notoriety that Claudia could by no means deny savoring. She was already enjoying this interaction with Anssi far more than their last, especially as he praised her efforts at retaliation, and admitted he and Drew had inflicted their own retribution. He grinned, and Claudia was powerless to prevent herself smiling back, even though she tried to suppress it so it spread unevenly across her lips: one one-sided slant of approval. Luckily, before she could demonstrate more emotion than was really befitting for a spellwork class, Anssi diverted them back onto the assignment.

“Yes, I agree that would be the most expedient solution,” Claudia said, and then remembered that previously she had avoided works like ‘expedient’ when talking to Anssi because she hadn’t wanted to confuse him. While his accent was still apparent, he had been at school speaking English long enough by now that she probably didn’t need to extend him any special consideration… she didn’t want to be patronizing, and he didn’t particularly want to make his life harder, anyway. Certainly not now. Admittedly she would not have been so charitable prior to this moment, but perhaps their last interaction ought best to be overlooked as a poor set of circumstances, and otherwise disregarded. “You item is...” she paused, suddenly unable to utter the word that best described the illustration on the post-it upon her classmate’s face.

Half-heartedly cursing Aaron McKindy in the back of her mind, Claudia poked the tip of her tongue between her lips in thought for a moment before continuing, “It’s an implement used for extinguishing a small scale inferno on the tip of a wick dipped in wax.” Well, she hoped Anssi’s grasp of English was improved on his first year when they interacted for the first time, because the timid, younger version of this fourth year had struggled to comprehend far less complex sentences than the one she had just uttered. “Sorry, it’s harder to describe that I thought it would be,” the sixth year added. She moved to collect her bag to take with her as they retrieved their materials (she had no objection to leaving the majority of her belonging unattended, but her wand was still in her bag. Even thought she could do a broad range of spells without it, now, she couldn’t risk it being in the wrong hands), and then recalled that she needed to interpret a description, too. Claudia settled back into her seat and gave Anssi her undivided attention.

  • Not so far, it hasn't gone too badly - Anssi, Mon Mar 11 23:00
    Claudia Dubois would certainly have not been his first choice, but she was sitting not too far away and alone, so he had taken the risk. The moment where she just looked past him frowningly and said... more
    • I'm not as bad as everyone says - Claudia, Thu Mar 14 18:26
      • I'm realizing that now - Anssi, Sun Mar 24 21:34
        Anssi had not come across the word ‘expedient’ before, and briefly wished it would not have looked rude for him to pull out his pens again and make a note to look it up later. The reason why his wish ... more
        • Will you walk into my parlour? - Claudia, Sat Mar 30 11:21
          Anssi reassured Claudia her description was fit for purpose, and she was almost in sufficiently good humor to return the smile that accompanied his speech. The description her partner then provided... more
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