Leopold Harris (Lyra)
Thu Mar 23, 2017 13:08

Leopold had arrived uncharacteristically early to Cultural Studies and no one was more surprised than himself. Indeed had he been asked the Lyra would have admitted that his original intention was not to bother attending the class. After all cultural studies was dull and confusing. Leo was certain it was a giant waste of his time and it mostly only succeeded in making him feel stupid as he often left class with nothing to show for accept a few new doodles of a mutant rabbit-lion he called Rory.

This morning however, he had been lying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about doing the easy thing and just rolling over to go back to sleep when he remembered the last letter his mom had sent him.

It had been filled with lines expressing her pride in him because of how much he had settled down this year. Leo didn’t bother explaining to her that the decrease in confrontations with his fellow classmates had more to do with his isolation, both self-inflicted and a side-effect of his unpopularity, than any new will of his to do better. His low grades were evidence enough of that. Consequently, it was no great desire to seek his mom’s admiration which had finally driven him to attend his classes but rather the promise she had made to buy him a new broom if his grades improved enough to meet her expectations. Leopold wasn’t naďve enough to think he was in with any real chance of getting the broom but he figured it was worth a shot. Therefore for the first time in months he was filled with enough motivation to arrive at his classes not just on time but ten minutes early.

Merlin was being early boring. Leo was never doing it again. When Professor Blair and the majority of his classmates began to turn up for Cultural Studies he had been half asleep on the desk and slowly had to adjust to being awake and surrounded by other humans. Too caught up on blinking and stifling a string of yawns Leopold had no idea what was going on until his test results dropped down in front of him. Immediately he took in the P and let out a groan. His new and improved attitude to school work was off to a poor start. He consoled himself with the reminder that he had turned up late for that test anyway and hadn’t actually remembered they were supposed to being taking a test. He probably could have done better if he’d cared…

Unable to help himself Leo peaked over at Bryn’s test results and was dismayed to see the teacher’s pet had done more than alright. Suddenly struck with a bout of shame he scrunched up his test paper and threw it into his rucksack to comb over later and listened uninterested as Blair described the lesson plan.

When Bryn offered him the situations box Leopold was encouraged by Bryn’s also apparent lack of enthusiasm. He took the box and gave it a little shake as if it were a Christmas present and he could possibly guess what was inside. Casting his classmate a sceptical glance he muttered, “I’d say I hope we get a good one but I can’t imagine this box has much to offer.”

Leo shoved his fist into the box and pulled out a slip of paper, squinting without the aid of his glasses he read aloud, “Traveling by Floo powder”.

He wrinkled his nose, not exactly enlightened by the prospect of discussing that particular topic. Leopold turned to Bryn and with a smirk added, “I say we go again.”

  • I would prefer actual electrocution right now. - Brynjolf Nilssen [Draco], Wed Mar 22 00:31
    Brynjolf Nilssen was never late to class. But if there was one class he was consistently early to, it was Estelle Blair’s Cultural Studies. The woman reminded him of his mother and that was never a... more
    • ZAP! - Leopold Harris (Lyra), Thu Mar 23 13:08
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