I dunno. But it's not yours.
Thu Mar 14, 2019 20:48

Leo was much too cranky to have to educate some fourth year on the dangers of underage drinking. Really, this shouldn't even be a conversation. If the kid was smart (which evidently he was not) one look at Leo- who had become a walking advertisement of How Not To Live Life- would have put him off the idea of drinking for life or, at the very least, until he had a mortgage. It only enraged Leo more to hear this little twerp comparing their circumstances. No, Leo didn’t want to be there but, that’s because he had real problems, and a freaking hangover! “If you don’t want to be here then just pineapple-off. Like I just said.”

What the hell was happening? Why couldn’t Leo just have a pleasant nap in his class without getting blackmailed by, Kit Kendricks boyfriend? This had to be the lamest thing that had ever happened to him. No one would have dared blackmail Ruben. But, Leo wasn’t about to stab anyone, which really reduced his threat level. He glanced over at McKindy, thinking fast.

Leo was not a charming student. He held no rapport with his teachers, preferring to avoid both eye contact and conversations with them, unless absolutely necessary. In all likelihood, McKindy was not a great fan of his. Spellwork was definitely one of Leo’s best classes but, he couldn’t compete with the top students who were about to begin their double-life as someone's family pet. So it wasn’t a huge loss if the man thought even less of him. And what could they do, expel him? Pfft. Not likely. The most he’d get was a couple of detentions, and if the source was found, AgriClub would be the victim of a swift execution. Now, that, would be a real shame. But, Leo wouldn’t feel responsible. It’s death would be on Satveer’s hands. Then there was the fact that he hadn’t had one real customer yet, and what sort of reputation could he build after allowing some snivelling fourth year to best him?

Leo sat up straight, post it note still sticking to his forehead, and narrowed his eyes at Satveer. He slid his fist onto the table, wand clutched tightly in his other hand, and sneered. Leo did not feel comfortable hitting a kid, nor was he an expert at hexes, but he was tired, and his pride was wounded enough without adding this nonsense to his list of grievances. He wasn’t Ruben but, Satveer, didn’t know that. He may as well put on a show. “Go on then,” he dared. “But I’m warning you, you’ll regret it.”

  • Who’s day is it ever? Really? - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 14 17:51
    The older boy was somewhat brash in their initial response. Such a response put an already low Satveer on edge. Clearly whatever it was that they had enjoyed the night before was good enough to... more
    • I dunno. But it's not yours. - Leo, Thu Mar 14 20:48
      • Agreed. - Satveer , Fri Mar 15 11:38
        Satveer felt very much out of his depth. He’d never challenged anyone like that before, and he didn’t know why he’d done so now. It wasn’t his best move. He wasn’t an alpha male. He didn’t really... more
        • Think we're due a change in luck? - Leo, Fri Mar 15 13:02
          "I'm sorry,” the boy said, his hard exterior crumbling, and Leo felt himself relax in return. His pretense had worked. He would be free to continue his bootlegging business without interference from... more
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