You’re usually so reasonable
Thu Mar 14, 2019 22:07

Between Connor falling on his face like an idiot and this being the first time Drew had ever used nonverbal magic, Drew was feeling pretty good right about now. Good enough to laugh. As Connor stood up furiously, Drew planned his next move. That was one of the things they’d learned in self-defense club: think two steps ahead of the person you were dueling with. He could probably get two more spells off before Connor called Aaron over. Maybe three if he was fast enough (Aaron would definitely see him cast the third one, but it would be too late to stop the spell from landing, even for Aaron). He thought his next one would be the one that flipped your eyelids, since that might disorient Connor enough, and then—

I’ll just have my father put him in an institution, and it will be all. Your. Fault.

The threat was so effective that for a few moments Drew couldn’t do anything but stare silently at Connor, as if the other boy had just cast glacius on his blood. He didn’t question for a moment that Connor meant it. Connor would tell his father, and Mr. Farnon would pull Dakota from RMI and take her back to England and put her through something horrible (Drew didn’t think you could be actually put in a mental hospital for being queer, but maybe in England you could, and from what Dakota said Charles Farnon was definitely awful enough to make something like that happen), and Drew would never see her again. And Connor was right: it would be Drew’s fault.

A thousand thoughts raced through his mind, none of them connecting the right way. He had to do something. He had to stop this. Connor had him: Drew would have to agree to leave him alone. He didn’t have a choice, because even if he went to the staff about being blackmailed, they couldn’t stop Connor from telling his father something about Dakota. So okay. Drew was willing to call a permanent ceasefire with Connor if it meant Dakota would be safe.

But he couldn’t let Connor know that that blackmail would work on him just like that. Drew didn’t need to be taking Divinations to foresee a future where Connor held the threat of outing Dakota over Drew’s head to get whatever he wanted. He had to know something that would help, something Connor wouldn’t want anyone else to—

And then he got it. It was a bit of a bluff, and a bit of conjecture, but Drew was pretty sure he was right, both about what he was going to say and about the fact that Connor wouldn’t want this to get out. “Okay,” Drew said, all casual contrition, holding up his hands in surrender, “you got it. No more confrontation between us.” Then he lowered his hands, and he used the tone he’d heard Uncle Bennet use when he and Aaron switched into Gaelic so no one else could understand what they were saying. Drew might not understand the words but he got the gist. “And the second your younger sibling gets pulled out of RMI, or your father does something else to control her—Dade—” he thought the use of Dakota’s old name was allowed in this case, “—the day that happens, Claudia finds out you wanna date Marley.”

  • Doesn't sound like me - Connor, Thu Mar 14 18:54
    Honestly, even though Connor knew that Andrew had been training with dubious magic around the time that Dakota had attacked Claudia, he hadn’t expected the younger boy to go for his wand. Perhaps he... more
    • You’re usually so reasonable - Drew, Thu Mar 14 22:07
      • Reason is my middle name - Connor, Sat Mar 16 19:26
        Yes, just as Connor had suspected, he had Andrew precisely where he wanted him. There were moments of silence that stretched between the two Ceti in a way that Connor relished. He wasn’t sure that he ... more
        • Drake is mine - Drew, Sun Mar 17 11:56
          Oh crap oh crap oh crap. Now, Drew knew for sure that he himself was bluffing. He was just guessing about it being Marley, and guessing about whether Connor really cared about Claudia knowing about... more
          • Way too cool for you - Connor, Tue Mar 19 13:06
            It had absolutely slipped Connor’s mind that Professor McKindy was in possession of a Pensieve. As a whole, Connor had not found that lesson tremendously useful and would have rather preferred to... more
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