Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:38

Satveer felt very much out of his depth. He’d never challenged anyone like that before, and he didn’t know why he’d done so now. It wasn’t his best move. He wasn’t an alpha male. He didn’t really know where to go from there. And when the boy called his bluff, Satveer could only feel bruised and small. There was pretty much only one way out of that scenario for Satveer, and that was to come clean. He knew he couldn’t out cast or even out puch the other boy. He didn’t have it in him on the best of days.

Of all the things that had happened over the summer holiday, the only good thing to come out of his breakup with Kit was his renewed trust in his brother Balbir. Satveer had always suspected Bal to leak the truth about his relationship with Kit to their parents. But when it came down to it, Bal kept it all a secret. It was only when their father went rummaging for something in one Dil’s desk drawers did stumble on a etter Dil was penning to Satveer. Dil said the letter didn’t contain much but Dil had talked about the relationship and questioned their first kiss within its content. That was the only notable good thing, and since then it went down hill. Actually, it still was.

Satveer slumped. “I’m sorry.” Satveer assumed it was a good defensive start to avoiding a black eye. He usually had a good way with adults, and since this boy was older than him, he hoped a more grown up approach would resolve the situation. Clearly this boy wasn’t one to say no to a challenge. “I don’t know why I sad that.” Satveer continued, readjusted himself in his seat. “I’ve just had a really crappy few weeks and it’s all my fault.” Satveer’s voice became unavoidably meek as he spoke. “I broke up with Kit and I didn’t want to.” He paused, aware he was about to start a stereotypical ramble of words. Satveer turned to face the boy next to him. “I won’t say anything.”

Slumping back, picked up his post it note and started at the blank, none sticky side.

  • I dunno. But it's not yours. - Leo, Thu Mar 14 20:48
    Leo was much too cranky to have to educate some fourth year on the dangers of underage drinking. Really, this shouldn't even be a conversation. If the kid was smart (which evidently he was not) one... more
    • Agreed. - Satveer , Fri Mar 15 11:38
      • Think we're due a change in luck? - Leo, Fri Mar 15 13:02
        "I'm sorry,” the boy said, his hard exterior crumbling, and Leo felt himself relax in return. His pretense had worked. He would be free to continue his bootlegging business without interference from... more
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