Think we're due a change in luck?
Fri Mar 15, 2019 13:02

"I'm sorry,” the boy said, his hard exterior crumbling, and Leo felt himself relax in return. His pretense had worked. He would be free to continue his bootlegging business without interference from Satveer or McKindy. But, if Leo had been hoping for a reprieve from the conversation he was to be disappointed. “I broke up with Kit and I didn’t want to.”

“Seriously?” Leo cried incredulously. Here he was trying to pull himself together after a very real (and very painful) breakup from his best (and arguably only) friend who had promptly jumped continents in a bid to avoid his ugly crying, and some tween was coming up to him, pouring his heart out about the end of a childish romance with a girl sitting a few seats over. What a joke. Leo was busy trying to fight the queasiness in his stomach, he did not have the time, nor did he have the patience, to talk Satveer through a breakup when he was still struggling in the aftermath of his own.

Maybe, Leo, should call McKindy over and pass the lovelorn student over to him. Let the weirdo be someone else’s problem. It wasn’t like Leo couldn’t cheer Satveer up. He didn’t even know how to make himself happy-he never really had- that had been the main appeal of Myffi. She had made happiness seem like an obtainable thing and in her absence the skies had turned overcast. Last night, he had sought oblivion at the end of a bottle in an ill-fated attempt to mask the sadness gnawing at his heart, and it had worked- momentarily. But, as this was real life, and not some overly-staged reality show, things had quickly turned sour again.

A red hot heat of shame inched up his neck as his thoughts turned from Myffi to Petra. She’d come to him as a friend and he’d gotten her drunk, and kissed her. As if that hadn’t been bad enough, it was soon revealed that his advances had been entirely unwanted. Satveer couldn’t have picked a worse candidate to approach for advice. Leo clearly knew nothing about girls.

What he did know was that Satveer was too indecisive and too immature to be in a relationship but, he wasn’t going to tell the kid that, Leo didn’t want to have to wipe up any tears, and Satveer seemed like the sensitive type. “Then go beg her forgiveness or something, and get back with her. Or count your losses and move on.” Leo really hoped Satveer would just nod and take his advice or better again- go off in search of someone who’d prove more sympathetic to his sob story so that Leo could continue his own moping session in peace. “You’re like, what thirteen, twelve? That’s way too young to being getting wasted over a girl.”

  • Agreed. - Satveer , Fri Mar 15 11:38
    Satveer felt very much out of his depth. He’d never challenged anyone like that before, and he didn’t know why he’d done so now. It wasn’t his best move. He wasn’t an alpha male. He didn’t really... more
    • Think we're due a change in luck? - Leo, Fri Mar 15 13:02
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