Pumpkin spice donuts sound amazing
Sat Mar 16, 2019 22:16

Remington didn’t necessarily understand why Drew liked Darlene so much. Her best friend talked about his girlfriend, of course, so she’d heard the reasons. They sounded like good ones, too. Drew described her as sweet; the Draco didn’t know her well enough to call it accurate. Darlene certainly wasn’t mean or anything, but when people were making homophobic comments during Roulettes, she hadn’t said anything to call them out despite knowing her boyfriend’s dads were, well, dads plural. Remington hadn’t, either, but she got the feeling that was the liquid luck keeping her out of conflict more than anything else. It bothered her that Darlene just… didn’t say anything despite not ingesting a single potion that might have excused her silence.

Drew also said that Darlene was good at encouraging him and played princesses with Madeleine, who she got along with really well. Madeleine got along with nearly everyone, though, because she was a super sweet kid. Remington could never imagine having a sibling, but she did love Madeleine. They hadn’t made bows together in a while. Maybe she’d ask her to help make some bows for Dakota, since Remington was actively working on one now. She would bet money that Madeleine would be thrilled to assist.

Darlene said she could go first, so she looked at the sticky note on the other girl’s forehead again. “It’s something that falls from trees,” she started, frowning a little. She thought a little more, then continued. “It almost looks scaley. And I think it would hurt if you stepped on it barefoot.”

  • Pumpkin rolls are nice - Darlene, Tue Mar 12 14:54
    Remington Burnham was not someone that Darlene knew particularly well. However, she was poised to like the older girl because of their mutual friends and relationships: if Claudia and Drew both liked ... more
    • Pumpkin spice donuts sound amazing - Remington, Sat Mar 16 22:16
      • Remington began, and immediately, Darlene frowned. The realization that this was actually going to be terrible swept over her as its terribleness came into tangible effect. Not that she had any... more
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