Drake is mine
Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:56

Oh crap oh crap oh crap.

Now, Drew knew for sure that he himself was bluffing. He was just guessing about it being Marley, and guessing about whether Connor really cared about Claudia knowing about that. After a quick mental review of people besides Marley who Connor could’ve wanted to ask out (Skylar? Remington? Definitely not) Drew concluded that Connor had to be bluffing back. One of them was bluffing more and Drew thought it wasn’t him. Connor had definitely been asking about Marley.

Drew had to admit it was bold of Connor to just flat-out lie to his face when he had literally knocked on Drew’s dorm room door and asked him how to date African-Americans not even a year ago. The lie told Drew that Connor did care about this getting out, because if it didn’t matter, he would’ve just told Drew he could just go ahead and tell Claudia for all he cared.

He needed to think faster than this, dang it. If only there was a way he could convince Connor that Claudia would believe him. Drew didn’t even need to actually be able to convince Claudia (he figured it was a forty-sixty shot in favor of her not believing, but hey, his odds weren’t zero). He just needed Connor to worry enough about the threat that he wouldn’t tell Charles Farnon about Dakota. He needed an actual ceasefire, and this was the best story he had to get one.

He just had to figure out how to make this work. It couldn’t be that hard. Surely Claudia was about an inch from realizing Connor was too much of a jerk even for her, and surely Connor knew that and would try to keep her from finding that out. He obviously didn’t care about his reputation at RMI, but he cared about what Claudia thought. Everyone knew that.

“Well, if your father finds out about Dakota then we’ll let Claudia be the judge of that,” Drew began. Nope, that wasn’t enough. Connor needed another reason to take this seriously—ah. “But you’re right. She has no reason to believe my word against yours,” Drew conceded. Very deliberately he took his eyes off Connor and looked past him, to where Aaron was talking to Amy Chang. Remington had told Drew about the class the upper years had started last term with, and Connor must have been part of that. Perfect. Then he’d know Drew could make good on this. “Too bad I don’t know anyone who’d lend me a Pensieve so I could show her you asking about dating black girls. That way it wouldn’t be my word against yours. It’d be your word against yours.”

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