I'm realizing that now
Sun Mar 24, 2019 21:34

Anssi had not come across the word ‘expedient’ before, and briefly wished it would not have looked rude for him to pull out his pens again and make a note to look it up later. The reason why his wish was brief was because he realized that he didn’t know how to spell the word and so writing it down would be useless. Besides, Claudia had started off by saying that she agreed, which was all that he really needed to know right now in order to continue. He would try to remember the word and ask one of his friends to explain it to him later. Remy, he decided. With all of the reading that she did, she would know what the word meant. Or at least, she would have a much better chance of both knowing what it meant and being willing to help define it for him, which was an intersection that he couldn’t say many of their other friends would probably be at. Drew was willing but not as smart, Dakota was mostly smart but rarely helpful, and Kit was... Kit. Very good at making up her own way of helping that was not very helpful.

Patiently, the blond boy waited for her to figure out what she was going to say. The face that Claudia was making while she thought was a bit cute, to be honest, though he suspected that he should not voice that opinion to any of his friends, even if it had meant something. (Obviously it didn’t. Claudia was also a bit intimidating, and he had learned not to expect intimidating people to make anything but bad decisions. Even if she was pretty, and sometimes made cute faces like her thinking-face right now, that wasn’t enough of a reason for him to be having a crush on her.) Then she stopped making the face and started talking again, and Anssi’s blue eyes went from patient to intensely focused on the complicated sentence.

To his great surprise, he wasn’t immediately lost. Well, ja, he had become lost at the first long word, but he picked it up again quickly enough. ‘Extinguish’ brought memories of being toured around the Texan school he attended for one year before RMI, and being showed the red tube with the handle that hung behind a glass window in the hallway. And of course he knew how candles were made. “No, no, it was good,” Anssi corrected her, tone reassuring and another smile peeking out. “I don’t know what it is called in English, but - the cup thing, that turns off candles instead of a person blowing them out?” It ended sounding like a question instead of the statement that he had intended, so he paused another moment for Claudia to signal whether or not he needed to guess again before turning his attention on to her sticky-note.

He could so easily picture what the item was, could almost smell the two-dimensional Christmas tree that swung from the mirror in Mamma’s car, but it was like his brain had turned off and he didn’t know any more what it was called himself. “Okej, yours is… a small thing,” Anssi began carefully, frowning in concentration, “that people hang inside of vehicles to make them smell better. I think it has chemicals inside which makes the smells, and normally it is shaped to match what it smells like.” Struggling to come up with any closer description, he added in afterthought, “It’s a Muggle thing. I do not know if wizards also use it... Sorry.” From what he knew of Claudia (or to be more accurate, what he knew of Danny, which was much more than Claudia, because Ruben used to talk about him enough that he had a good idea of what their life was like - or what Ruben thought it was like - which he probably couldn’t trust but was better than nothing) Muggle items might be hard for her to guess, and this was a sort of obscure item, not the type of thing he imagined would be taught in Cultural Studies class.

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    “You did that?” Anssi said. Claudia quirked an eyebrow in affirmation. She thought Anssi looked impressed as he sat down. She decided, however, that his personal response to the incident didn’t... more
    • I'm realizing that now - Anssi, Sun Mar 24 21:34
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        Anssi reassured Claudia her description was fit for purpose, and she was almost in sufficiently good humor to return the smile that accompanied his speech. The description her partner then provided... more
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