Will you walk into my parlour?
Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:21

Anssi reassured Claudia her description was fit for purpose, and she was almost in sufficiently good humor to return the smile that accompanied his speech. The description her partner then provided in turn demonstrated he had correctly identified the item, even though he did not know the word for it (and Claudia was currently not in a position to tell him). “Yes, that’s right,” she affirmed, words accompanied by a nod. In fact Anssi’s description was far more simplistic than Claudia's, which proved there was more than one way to skin a kneazle. He knew what he needed to make now, anyway, which was the point - and she used the term very loosely - of this first exercise.

Takin her turn to listen, Claudia tried not to give up hope the moment Anssi uttered the word ‘vehicle’. Her distant cousin ran a fleet of Magicabs in New York, and was beginning to branch out into other East Coast Cities, but Claudia had never been inside any vehicle, her her recollection. She rode a broomstick in first year as part of the mandatory classes, but otherwise she travelled primary by portkey and, until recently, Floo. Her lower lip dropped barely perceptibly, creating only a sufficient gap for a puff of air to escape, while Claudia listened yet more intently to Anssi’s description to discover whether she could identify the object.

“It’s a Muggle thing,” her partner unnecessarily elucidated.“I do not know if wizards also use it... Sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize,” Claudia informed him, her expression pensieve. Even if Professor McKindy was deliberately trying to make this class harder for his pure blooded students (and Claudia would my out this past the Spellwork Professor even for a moment; in fact the more she thought about it the more likely it seemed) but she would not be put off by an extra layer of challenge. “I have never seen such a thing but I believe I can fashion something adequate.”

It sounded as though the purpose of this item was to add fragrance (or perhaps cover up less pleasant aromas, which was an unappealing scenario to dwell on) for passengers to improve a journey. Anssi said it was hung, which would mean a hook or loop of some kind was required. The fourth year also said that the thing was small, and shaped to match its smell. “What sort of fragrance would one of these items have?” she asked. They hadn’t done much work on olfactory spells for a while (that she could recall) but her textbook should be able to aide her. “And are they usually made of wood, or some other material?”

Following his answers, Claudia had some idea in her mind of what such an object might look like. “Thank you. I think I have sufficient information to attempt a transformation, although whether or not it resembles the actual item remains to be seen.” She offered another half-smile. “Shall we collect our raw materials?” At her suggestion, Claudia stood, this time not needing to abort her movements.

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    Anssi had not come across the word ‘expedient’ before, and briefly wished it would not have looked rude for him to pull out his pens again and make a note to look it up later. The reason why his wish ... more
    • Will you walk into my parlour? - Claudia, Sat Mar 30 11:21
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