I think we're on the same page on that one.
Sat Apr 13, 2019 07:47

Remington began, and immediately, Darlene frowned. The realization that this was actually going to be terrible swept over her as its terribleness came into tangible effect. Not that she had any problem working with this particular partner, but the assignment itself was decidedly awful.

The Lyra’s initial thought was something to the effect of a pinecone, but as Remington continued and mentioned scales, that idea quickly dissipated. What sort of spiky lizards dropped out of trees? This seemed like a question for Kit, honestly, although Darlene now had some experience of her own with reptiles. Brewster was pretty scaly, and she helped take care of him sometimes, but she couldn’t imagine him falling out of a tree. Unless maybe Kit put him in a tree. But that seemed a little too specific for an assignment like this.

There was nothing for her to make a real guess, but it occurred to her that it would suit her best to not appear completely stupid in front of Remy. The Draco was smart - she was pretty sure Drew had said so - and while Darlene was not nearly as smart as her, she also was not stupid and lamented the possibility of appearing such. Just one other way in which this lesson was terrible. “Okay, how about I go first instead?” she suggested brightly, nervousness raising her pitch slightly, warping her already accented speech.

She looked at Remington’s forehead for a minute and took a breath. “Okay,” she said, “So it’s really pretty and bright, except for the middle part, which is black.” Darlene kept her voice even, but it did feel a little odd to describe something that color to someone who looked like Remy. She had gotten used to Drew’s appearance fairly quickly - she was quite fond of all parts of Drew’s appearance, honestly - but there was something intrinsically uncomfortable for her posh white sensibilities in such matters. But she proceeded. “And, um, I really like them. Does any of that help?”

  • Pumpkin spice donuts sound amazing - Remington, Sat Mar 16 22:16
    Remington didn’t necessarily understand why Drew liked Darlene so much. Her best friend talked about his girlfriend, of course, so she’d heard the reasons. They sounded like good ones, too. Drew... more
    • I think we're on the same page on that one. - Darlene, Sat Apr 13 07:47
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