Nolan Ramsey
I could keep waiting
Wed Apr 24, 2019 09:32

The terrifying thing about Professor Blair-West was that she went after uncomfortable students like a coyote after a chicken. Today everyone seemed uncomfortable, but Nolan especially was. So Nolan tried to just keep his bright-red head (his face was rapidly approaching a shade close to his hair, judging by how hot it felt) down on the desk while Professor Blair-West said things no one else would say in public.

For Merlin’s sake, it wasn’t decent to talk about all that stuff with both the boys and the girls in the same room. They should be separated for this. How was anyone supposed to pay attention to a class like this when the entire opposite sex was right there? Not that Nolan especially wanted to pay attention. Growing up on a ranch with a few dozen horses, with a couple of foals born every year, you knew how all this worked. Nolan had helped with more than a few deliveries.

Somehow toweling off a blood-and-fluid covered foal was a whole lot easier than sitting through this class. Someday he would have kids, but that was a few years away still (two and a half until Magdalena graduated, and then maybe another year before the wedding, and then however long after that they decided) and he really didn’t need all the details Professor Blair-West was telling them.

On the plus side, she did finally stop talking, but it was to introduce a group project, which was arguably just as objectionable. Nolan suppressed a groan. Some of the upperclassmen had warned him about this lesson last year, but Nolan had thought they were joking. It was just the sort of ridiculous thing Kaye would make up to mess with him. Nolan had no experience with babies and wasn’t much interested in kids who were too young to take up riding. Besides, men didn’t have to do that stuff. He just hoped he got Magdalena or Darlene or Claudia or one of the Lemont sisters. Someone who would actually pull their weight on this project. He had a sneaking suspicion that Marley, for example, would not.

He didn’t want to take one of the items out of the box, but knowing the professor she would publically call him out if he didn’t. And it looked like what she’d shown them wasn’t inside after all. So Nolan snaked a hand into the box, grabbed one of the foil packets, ripped it open as quick as he could, and read the name on his slip of paper. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” he complained, and looked horrified over at where his partner was seated.

  • The moment you've all been waiting for... [Years 4-7] - Professor Blair-West, Mon Apr 22 16:02
    It was early October. A flurry of rainbow-coloured snow was falling on the Pitch, the changing air pressure aboveground was giving her a headache, fake sun was shining through the classroom windows,... more
    • I'm sure there are other moments I've waited for - Remington Burnham, Sun May 5 18:02
      It had been a week. This wasn’t a reference to the actual passage of time, which Remington didn’t feel entirely capable of identifying. Life since the party was fuzzy, confusing, and exhausting.... more
      • Yeah this doesn't really make the list - Dakota Farnon, Wed May 8 05:43
        So Dakota Farnon was sitting in the back of the lecture hall at Rocky Mountain International next to Kit Kendrick, nursing a skinned knee, and holding a condom wrapper with the name of her former... more
        • I guess it could be worse - Remington, Thu May 9 20:55
          Remington felt her fingers tapping against the desk and willed them to stop. When she talked to Garen about skipping class and how overwhelming some of the anxiety she felt was, he had given her a... more
    • Things could always be worse - Andrew Tennant, Thu May 2 16:01
      Without getting into too much detail, the time since the party had been the worst days Drew had ever had at RMI. All he could really do was his best, so Drew was just going to class and trying not to ... more
      • And here is worse - DJ Finn, Fri May 3 09:59
        DJ had been having a hell of a time making amends to everyone he had hurt over the fight at the party. He and Remy had discussed things (way too soon after) but it seemed that they had a mutual... more
        • This might be rock bottom - Drew, Mon May 6 11:07
          Before Drew could come up with a plan, DJ sat down next to him. There were a couple seconds where Drew felt optimistic, like maybe this wouldn’t go too badly, but then DJ talked and he wouldn’t even... more
          • No that'll come later. - DJ, Sun May 19 11:34
            Drew said, look man and on reflex DJ looked over at him. Drew apologized, and DJ snorted. That was funny because Drew had slugged him in ‘defense’ of Remy. It hadn’t taken a rocket scientist to... more
            • I’m not looking forward to it - Drew, Mon May 27 11:24
              Drew knew how to apologize. You had to say you were sorry, and that you’d been wrong. That part was important, because if you decided to explain why you did what you did, it came off as an excuse,... more
              • Well you should! - DJ, Tue May 28 18:17
                Drew laughed at first, but then he went quiet for a few moments. The Draco watched emotions flash across Drew's face, and DJ couldn't help but smirk. Did Drew not realize that he had feelings for... more
                • Why’s that? - Drew, Thu May 30 08:50
                  Remember how a couple of moments ago Drew was really sorry about punching DJ and just wanted to make up with him? Well, it wasn’t exactly that Drew had changed his mind about that, but he was... more
                  • Because I said so? - DJ, Sun Jun 2 12:26
                    Drew stared at DJ and called him crazy, causing DJ to laugh and shake his head. The other boy didn't give him a chance to refute that charge, but DJ really didn't care. Being crazy wasn't the worst... more
                    • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
                      Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the... more
    • I could keep waiting - Nolan Ramsey, Wed Apr 24 09:32
      • What if I just...died - Connor Farnon, Wed Apr 24 19:09
        The year so far had been unsettling, and if Life Skills was going to teach Connor how to get a handle on all the new things happening in his life, he was behind it. Unfortunately, Life Skills was... more
        • Sounds extreme but appropriate - Nolan, Thu May 2 01:12
          Oh no. Connor was coming over to where Nolan was sitting. That was probably better than him waiting for Nolan to go over to his table, because frankly, Nolan wasn’t sure he could convince his left... more
          • I am one of those two things - Connor, Sat Jun 1 17:09
            Nolan was right, and it was horrible. This was precisely the sort of thing that this professor would have cooked up, specifically to punish well-bred people like himself and Nolan. Of course, she was ... more
            • Which one? - Nolan, Tue Jun 4 15:21
              “Sure,” said Nolan, and tried to come up with a situation in which that made sense, and immediately failed. A big problem so far as he was concerned was that neither of them would ever have to care... more
              • Depends on your perspective I guess - Connor , Tue Jun 4 19:23
                If Connor had been drinking a glass of water when Nolan started coming up with explanations as to why the two of them might be taking care of a baby together, he probably would have mercifully... more
    • Thanks, but no thanks - Leopold Harris, Tue Apr 23 19:31
      When you were a grown ass adult who willingly lived in an underground school surrounded by pimple infested teens like some sad unsocialised mole person it wasn’t really fair to think you were... more
      • Are you turning me down? - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Fri Apr 26 16:03
        Anssi had arrived early enough to get a good seat in the front half of the room, with plenty of time to open his notebook to a fresh page and trade out his almost-dead pen for a less-dead one before... more
        • I think I've made my intentions quite clear - Leo Harris, Mon Apr 29 18:21
          Being partnered with the Little Lundqvist boy was exactly the sort of terrible thing Leo expected to happen to him. Leo had already been worried about Eugene's reaction to the 'baby' without dragging ... more
          • And here I thought we were friends - Anssi, Sun May 5 13:48
            Okay, so Anssi had not been expecting a laugh in response to his weak joke, but he also had not been expecting the older boy to start talking about safety hazards. A bit confused by the sudden... more
            • More like enemies - Leo, Sun May 12 07:27
              Leo’s snide joke bounded off Anssi without much effect, only earning a response that shocked Leo enough with it’s seriousness that he did, finally, laugh. “Good to hear you share my concerns. You’ll... more
              • The enemy of my enemy - Anssi, Wed May 22 17:05
                Leo’s unexpected laughter confused him even more, at least for a moment, before he added one and two together and realized that he must have only been making a joke. Oh, phew. Anssi thought that he... more
    • A whole new world - Katherine Kendrick, Tue Apr 23 05:59
      Even though she had totally planned to go to the first Life Skills class with her friends that totally didn’t happen because Kit Kendrick had a small emergency and had to run back to her dorm room to ... more
      • This could be much worse - Claudia Dubois, Tue Apr 23 06:31
        OOC: Warning to readers that I have written on behalf of Caleb in this post. Eyes downcast, Claudia stepped diffidently into the lecture hall, knee-high boots tapping on the polished floors, and sat... more
        • Don't jinx it - Kit, Sat Apr 27 11:50
          Working with Claudia was great because she was pretty much almost as cool as Marissa. Claudia was really pretty and always said the right things (which was not something Kit was good at) and even... more
          • But I like jinxes. And hexes. - Claudia, Mon Apr 29 15:43
            It could be much worse, Claudia consoled herself. It was just a ridiculous project - mandatory, and with a theoretically random assignment of partners - so there was nothing awkward about working... more
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