Connor Farnon
What if I just...died
Wed Apr 24, 2019 19:09

The year so far had been unsettling, and if Life Skills was going to teach Connor how to get a handle on all the new things happening in his life, he was behind it.

Unfortunately, Life Skills was not, in fact, being taught by the only competent adult in the school, Deputy Headmaster Fell. It was instead being taught by Professor Blair, who seemed to have been appointed Connor’s official keeper by the homosexuals who had far too much influence around RMI.

Connor would begrudgingly admit - to certain parties, and most certainly not in public - that he had learned some things from certain assignments his unwanted overseer had given him. He had learned to truly appreciate that some people were very misfortunate in the circumstances of their birth through no fault of their own. People like Drew, Remy, and Marley. In Connor’s opinion, the fact that all three of them were entirely unbearable more or less negated any prejudices that people might hold against them. It wasn’t prejudice if it was deserved, now was it? Of course, that didn’t mean that he had been justified in essentially demeaning Remington for her gender, but he had apologized for that. Which had went - well, there was no real dwelling on that.

However, Professor Blair’s latest and greatest insistence had been that deviants like his brother were to be tolerated and Connor refused to enable that sort of thing. It was one thing to recognize that certain people could be disadvantaged through negative understandings brought about by the actions of others like them, but it was a completely different thing to tolerate the sort of nonsense that people chose to get themselves into. Pretending at being a different sex or choosing homosexual relations over normal ones - that was a personal choice that Connor could absolutely blame someone for.

So somehow, Connor suspected that ‘Life Skills’ was not going to actually teach skills that Connor wanted in his life.

As usual, Connor was inclined to sit next to Claudia during class. They had been often been partners over their time at RMI and sat next to each other with some frequency. Recently, though, things had been different; while Claudia certainly paid him attention as she would any other friend, her affections for Caleb seemed to be heading in a direction Connor found he did not like one bit. More than once, Connor had gone to sit next to Claudia during a class or spied her in the library and begun heading in her direction, only to have Caleb get there first. Worse, Claudia seemed pleased at Caleb’s presence. More pleased than she had been last term, if Connor was any judge. Of course, Connor wished Claudia all the best and would do his best to facilitate that but he didn’t think Caleb was the best choice for her. Not that he would ever tell her so, but in Connor’s personal opinion, any RMI student who was already being scouted by Quidditch teams across the United States was likely to end up a professional athlete - the sort of person who wouldn’t have nearly enough time to devote to Claudia.

Today though, it appeared Caleb was not going to steal Connor’s well-earned position next to Claudia so he sat next to Claudia. The two did not have much time to exchange more than pleasantries before the class started but even in those brief words, Connor was able to discern that Claudia was not her usual, cheerful self. Of course it was neither the time nor place to address Claudia’s upset, so he just offered her a supportive smile as Professor Blair began the class.

As it turned out, that was absolutely the last time Connor would ever look at Claudia ever again, or so it felt as the color slowly drained from his face only to be equally slowly replaced by a bright, flaming red and he began wishing ever-so desperately that Claudia had chosen a seat that didn’t involve being at the very front of this disaster.

It was terrible. Professor Blair just kept talking and perhaps it was his imagination but he felt absolutely sure that she had picked up on his humiliation and was taking great pleasure in it. Connor did not understand how any of this had to do with his life. He absolutely did not need to know how girls - worked. Biologically speaking. That was crude and unnecessary and it was entirely inappropriate for a Muggle-loving witch to be talking to an assorted yeargroup about the things necessary to extend pureblood lines. Of course, Connor was absolutely aware of what Professor Blair was talking about (mostly, anyway) and had some ah not entirely academic interest in the matter, but only in specific contexts that certainly did not ever in his wildest nightmares involved an entire classroom of what could be only generously called his peers.

Thankfully the talking came to an end, but much to his embarrassment, the professor decided to pass around a box full of wrapped items that he now knew to be condoms. This was a horrible addition to a horrible year and Connor was more than ready to just go home.

In all honesty, the boy would have rather stuck his hand in a pile of Flobberworm poo than grab a condom out of a box handed to him by Professor Estelle Blair while he was sitting next to Claudia, but after the events at the beginning of the term, he didn’t want to cause a scene. With an expression on his face that made it clear he wished he had a freshly made, extra-strong batch of Sanitizing Solution to douse his hands in now that he’d touched the garish thing, Connor opened it up. His cheeks were bright red and he was doing everything but making eye contact with Claudia (or Alena, or Darlene - any of the girls of consequence). Squeezing his eyes shut for a brief moment, Connor opened them with only a mild amount of trepidation before the name he had revealed made its way into his brain and his eyes widened.

Oh no.

He looked over and saw Nolan, who at the very least looked just as distressed as Connor felt. Without even a polite word to Claudia - somehow she had already been accosted by Kit Kendrick, and as much as Connor didn’t want Claudia to suffer he was at least moderately relieved that at least one other person was as displeased as he - Connor navigated to Nolan. Nolan, who he hadn’t really spoken much to since the party where he had developed an inappropriate, if magically-induced, crush on his friend. Nolan, who - Nolan, who Connor absolutely never wanted to think of in any context like that ever again, was going to be his partner for a Life Skills project.

Merlin damn, what had Connor done to deserve this?

“Hey,” he said with a nod, shoving hands in the pockets of his khaki pants. “Uh. Do you think the professor made a mistake? Like, messed up a charm or something? It sounds like something that would happen in this school, right?”

  • I could keep waiting - Nolan Ramsey, Wed Apr 24 09:32
    The terrifying thing about Professor Blair-West was that she went after uncomfortable students like a coyote after a chicken. Today everyone seemed uncomfortable, but Nolan especially was. So Nolan... more
    • What if I just...died - Connor Farnon, Wed Apr 24 19:09
      • Sounds extreme but appropriate - Nolan, Thu May 2 01:12
        Oh no. Connor was coming over to where Nolan was sitting. That was probably better than him waiting for Nolan to go over to his table, because frankly, Nolan wasn’t sure he could convince his left... more
        • I am one of those two things - Connor, Sat Jun 1 17:09
          Nolan was right, and it was horrible. This was precisely the sort of thing that this professor would have cooked up, specifically to punish well-bred people like himself and Nolan. Of course, she was ... more
          • Which one? - Nolan, Tue Jun 4 15:21
            “Sure,” said Nolan, and tried to come up with a situation in which that made sense, and immediately failed. A big problem so far as he was concerned was that neither of them would ever have to care... more
            • Depends on your perspective I guess - Connor , Tue Jun 4 19:23
              If Connor had been drinking a glass of water when Nolan started coming up with explanations as to why the two of them might be taking care of a baby together, he probably would have mercifully... more
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