This might be rock bottom
Mon May 6, 2019 11:07

Before Drew could come up with a plan, DJ sat down next to him. There were a couple seconds where Drew felt optimistic, like maybe this wouldn’t go too badly, but then DJ talked and he wouldn’t even look at Drew. This was going to be horrible.

Hopefully in the few moments they had before the box of dolls got to them, Drew could make the situation a little less horrible. Even if they didn’t have to work together for this project, he wanted to apologize to DJ, but now it was even more important that he do so. He’d been giving the other guy a wide berth since the party, trying to stay out of his way, though honestly Drew would feel a lot better if DJ just decided to punch him to make things even. Then they might be able to go back to normal. But DJ seemed to be avoiding him too (which was totally fair) so nothing had happened yet. After the conversation with his dad Drew had been more sure than ever that he needed to tell DJ he was sorry, but working up the motivation to do that was harder than he expected.

He hadn’t had to apologize for punching Connor because Connor was the worst, and had used slurs about Drew and his family, and he deserved to be punched, even if Drew had gone a little overboard with it. Actually Connor had apologized to him, which was a nice and surprising turn of events, only a little bit undone by the fact that Connor was back to his old terrible racist homophobic self. Back then when the apology happened he’d thought there might not be more problems between himself and the older Cetus, but now he knew better. Some people didn’t change.

DJ deserved an apology from him, though. Drew felt awful about punching him, and even if he hadn’t, punching DJ had been the wrong thing to do. He’d been sure of that the second Leo said something and snapped Drew out of the weird angry place his brain had gone to. It wasn’t that DJ wasn’t worth it, it was that Drew was better than punching defenseless people who weren’t even doing anything. At least, he hoped he was better than that.

What Remy had said, about DJ kissing her without making sure she was comfortable with it, that had swallowed everything else up. He was still wrapping his head around what made him react so strongly. But it was no excuse.

“Look, man,” Drew said, hoping that DJ would at least look at him but willing to continue even if he didn’t. They were going to have to get through this project together either way, so DJ had to respond to him at some point. Right? “I’m really sorry. I was mad, but that’s not a good reason. Me hitting you was uncalled for. I get it if you’re never gonna forgive me but I wanted to apologize anyway.”

  • And here is worse - DJ Finn, Fri May 3 09:59
    DJ had been having a hell of a time making amends to everyone he had hurt over the fight at the party. He and Remy had discussed things (way too soon after) but it seemed that they had a mutual... more
    • This might be rock bottom - Drew, Mon May 6 11:07
      • No that'll come later. - DJ, Sun May 19 11:34
        Drew said, look man and on reflex DJ looked over at him. Drew apologized, and DJ snorted. That was funny because Drew had slugged him in ‘defense’ of Remy. It hadn’t taken a rocket scientist to... more
        • I’m not looking forward to it - Drew, Mon May 27 11:24
          Drew knew how to apologize. You had to say you were sorry, and that you’d been wrong. That part was important, because if you decided to explain why you did what you did, it came off as an excuse,... more
          • Well you should! - DJ, Tue May 28 18:17
            Drew laughed at first, but then he went quiet for a few moments. The Draco watched emotions flash across Drew's face, and DJ couldn't help but smirk. Did Drew not realize that he had feelings for... more
            • Why’s that? - Drew, Thu May 30 08:50
              Remember how a couple of moments ago Drew was really sorry about punching DJ and just wanted to make up with him? Well, it wasn’t exactly that Drew had changed his mind about that, but he was... more
              • Because I said so? - DJ, Sun Jun 2 12:26
                Drew stared at DJ and called him crazy, causing DJ to laugh and shake his head. The other boy didn't give him a chance to refute that charge, but DJ really didn't care. Being crazy wasn't the worst... more
                • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
                  Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the... more
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