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Sun May 12, 2019 07:27

Leo’s snide joke bounded off Anssi without much effect, only earning a response that shocked Leo enough with it’s seriousness that he did, finally, laugh. “Good to hear you share my concerns. You’ll agree then, that we should adopt a bubble wrap approach to parenting? No parties, no duelling and, absolutely no running with scissors,” he said, with a joking wag of his finger.

"Do you think the dolls can eat grapes, or solid foods at all?"

Leo shrugged in response to Anssi's query. As far as he was concerned the thing was a dumb doll, what did it matter if it could eat solids or not? What he cared about was whether or not a silencing spell would work on the thing. “Eh, I’m sure babies can eat some solids at four months, but maybe mommy bloggers - that’s unhappy mothers who prefer destroying other parents on the internet, when they're not, like, secretly downing boxes of wine, over actually hanging out with their kids - would disagree. I don’t know about these abominations though,” he said, gesturing toward the dolls with poorly contained revulsion.

"There is no one smaller than me in my family."

“You’re lucky,” Leo said, thinking of the horde of sticky fingers awaiting him at winter break and the equally demanding little brother attending class down the hall, which reminded him that he did not like Anssi because, Anssi, was a bully. Although, now that Leo was speaking to him, the younger Lundqvist did not seem capable of squatting a fly. Perhaps, it was his lack of experience with small children that was the problem, or maybe having Ruben as a brother just warped your sense of right and wrong. "Or maybe not. I think I'd take a gang of squabbling super fans over Ruben any week."

Leo took one look at the baby and it's glossy locks, and fell into a state of shock.

"Oh for pineapples-sake." If Leo wasn't going to drop the doll in the bathtub, baby's first haircut was going to have to happen ASAP. "It did not get that from my side of the family," he stated firmly, and proceeded to shoot an accusatory look in Anssi's direction.

Eventually, the sickness in his stomach relented enough that he no longer thought he was in danger of puking on the baby's head, and Leo was able to glance at it again. It had opened its eyes now and, Leo, struck by how real the doll looked, felt his expression soften. It was, he silently admitted, actually kind of cute. But people didn't need to know that Leo kind of liked babies - especially a baby that was part Ruben, part magic doll - so he quickly pulled a face and released his hold of the doll. "It looks like a hairy maggot."

  • And here I thought we were friends - Anssi, Sun May 5 13:48
    Okay, so Anssi had not been expecting a laugh in response to his weak joke, but he also had not been expecting the older boy to start talking about safety hazards. A bit confused by the sudden... more
    • More like enemies - Leo, Sun May 12 07:27
      • The enemy of my enemy - Anssi, Wed May 22 17:05
        Leo’s unexpected laughter confused him even more, at least for a moment, before he added one and two together and realized that he must have only been making a joke. Oh, phew. Anssi thought that he... more
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