I’m not looking forward to it
Mon May 27, 2019 11:24

Drew knew how to apologize. You had to say you were sorry, and that you’d been wrong. That part was important, because if you decided to explain why you did what you did, it came off as an excuse, and you weren’t really sorry about it. You could still explain, but you had to acknowledge that you’d been wrong anyway, and let them know that was the important part. You also had to say it wouldn’t happen again, or if you couldn’t promise that, then that you’d do everything you could to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. And then you had to ask how you could make things up to them, so that they knew they had some input.

So far Drew was halfway through the apology to DJ. The never-going-to-happen-again part was implied already, Drew thought, but he should still say it out loud. And he still had to ask how to make things up to DJ. He didn’t know what to expect with that. Either DJ would wave him off, hopefully, or he might want to punch Drew back (not GREAT but Drew was willing to let that happen to make things all better). DJ didn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d ask for anything else or blackmail him (unlike Connor, who was terrible), but Drew had kind of already told on himself about this, so blackmail wouldn’t really work this time anyway.

He was trying to figure out how to phrase the offer when the other boy replied, “Yeah - hitting me over a girl who’s not your girlfriend is definitely not a good reason to hit me. But it’ll be all good when you admit to both Darlene and Remy that you like Remington.

DJ was so off the mark that Drew couldn’t help laughing. Nope, DJ might have been here for almost a year by now but he had definitely misread the situation. Drew had hit DJ over Remington, technically, but it wasn’t like that. Drew didn’t feel the way he felt about Remy that he did about Darlene. He glanced automatically over at his girlfriend, and then at Remington, who was working with Dakota, and his stomach flipped.

Well that didn’t mean anything, he’d already known that sometimes he—uh—sometimes his body reacted to Remington, especially times when they had been really close, like when he’d comforted her after Malachi stood her up. But Drew was a fifteen-year-old boy. It didn’t take much for his body to react to things, and Remington might just be his friend but she was also really pretty, like, objectively. So he’d mostly just tried to ignore that because it didn’t count. And sure, he’d been really angry at Malachi for standing her up, and at Connor for implying things about her, and at DJ for this, but that was because Remington had always been so upset by what the other guys had done. Of course Drew was going to want to stand up for his friends. And sure, Drew thought Remington was the smartest person at RMI besides the professors, and she was a great to work with in class because she never made you feel dumb for not knowing things, and they’d co-founded self defense club. And sure, she was super nice, like when she’d made that bow for Dakota after her transition, even though Dakota still hadn’t been talking to her then. And sure, he’d used the message paper she invented to talk to Remington over the summer more than he’d talked to anyone else, but that was because the paper was instantaneous, unlike his letters back and forth to Darlene, which took a while to get to their destinations. And—um—

Merlin, Circe, and Agrippa. Okay, but it wasn’t the same as how he felt about Darlene. He and Darlene had been together for literal years and he still liked her a lot. That hadn’t changed. So it didn’t matter because he still liked Darlene just as much, and Drew didn’t want to change anything. Right?

Right. Of course. Drew shook his head, like he was trying to shake his brain like an etch-a-sketch to clear the last thought out, and looked back at DJ. Well, he didn’t want DJ to know he might maybe possibly be right, so he’d better say something to deflect that. “Uhh,” he said, failing spectacularly and blushing. “What makes you—uhh. That’s not…” This was going horribly. Fortunately Drew was saved (for a given value of the word) by the box of baby dolls floating around to them. Thankful for the distraction, Drew reached in more eagerly than he would have a few moments ago and pulled out a not-at-all uncanny blank-faced baby doll. “Let’s just get started with this… thing.”

  • No that'll come later. - DJ, Sun May 19 11:34
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    • I’m not looking forward to it - Drew, Mon May 27 11:24
      • Well you should! - DJ, Tue May 28 18:17
        Drew laughed at first, but then he went quiet for a few moments. The Draco watched emotions flash across Drew's face, and DJ couldn't help but smirk. Did Drew not realize that he had feelings for... more
        • Why’s that? - Drew, Thu May 30 08:50
          Remember how a couple of moments ago Drew was really sorry about punching DJ and just wanted to make up with him? Well, it wasn’t exactly that Drew had changed his mind about that, but he was... more
          • Because I said so? - DJ, Sun Jun 2 12:26
            Drew stared at DJ and called him crazy, causing DJ to laugh and shake his head. The other boy didn't give him a chance to refute that charge, but DJ really didn't care. Being crazy wasn't the worst... more
            • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
              Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the... more
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