Well you should!
Tue May 28, 2019 18:17

Drew laughed at first, but then he went quiet for a few moments. The Draco watched emotions flash across Drew's face, and DJ couldn't help but smirk. Did Drew not realize that he had feelings for Remy until just now? That had to be impossible. In fact, DJ had been so sure that the two had been dating when he first started school here. It was one of the reasons he had teasingly grilled Remy about boyfriends. These two were kind of hopeless.

After a bit, Drew shook his head, and DJ laughed. DJ stumbling through excuses made the fifteen-year-old laugh harder. This was too good. He hadn't thought he was surprising Drew by calling him out on liking Remy but on lying to Darlene. This couldn't get any better. Drew was trying to turn his attention to the dumb doll. DJ snatched it out of Drew's hands and set the toy down on the other side of the desk. The fifth-year didn't care about actually passing this class.

"Wait, dude did you not realize you liked Remy?" DJ whispered-asked. He suddenly wasn't mad or anything with Drew he was shocked above all else. "C' mon everyone can see it. I saw it last term!" The brown haired boy laughed again and leaned towards his buddy. "Seriously, I don't give a shit about you punching me if it makes you realize how much you like Remy and I'm almost positive she likes you more then she ever liked me."

Maybe if Drew dumped Darlene (sorry Darlene) and started dating Remy, he could ask Dakota if she was interested in him and if she'd like to go out on a date. DJ didn't want to ruin the hopefully returning friendship of Dakota & Remy. Dakota needed a girlfriend and not just DJ who tried his best to talk about girlie things just sometimes it didn't work out great.

  • Im not looking forward to it - Drew, Mon May 27 11:24
    Drew knew how to apologize. You had to say you were sorry, and that youd been wrong. That part was important, because if you decided to explain why you did what you did, it came off as an excuse,... more
    • Well you should! - DJ, Tue May 28 18:17
      • Whys that? - Drew, Thu May 30 08:50
        Remember how a couple of moments ago Drew was really sorry about punching DJ and just wanted to make up with him? Well, it wasnt exactly that Drew had changed his mind about that, but he was... more
        • Because I said so? - DJ, Sun Jun 2 12:26
          Drew stared at DJ and called him crazy, causing DJ to laugh and shake his head. The other boy didn't give him a chance to refute that charge, but DJ really didn't care. Being crazy wasn't the worst... more
          • Is that a good reason? - Drew, Sat Jun 8 23:06
            Why why why why why did DJ just want to keep talking about this? Well, all right, objectively Drew could understand why. He had been at RMI long enough (about a decade, now) to understand how the... more
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