I am one of those two things
Sat Jun 1, 2019 17:09

Nolan was right, and it was horrible. This was precisely the sort of thing that this professor would have cooked up, specifically to punish well-bred people like himself and Nolan. Of course, she was probably under some sort of terrifying assumption that she was providing some sort of feminist liberation to the pureblood girls through her utterly inappropriate lesson. Connor was no expert of course, but he could hardly imagine this was the sort of thing that either Claudia or Magdalena had felt the overwhelming urge to know more about; if they had, he had no doubt they would have had a private and appropriate conversation with their mothers, as was proper. At the very least, this was the sort of thing that should have been divided between the sexes, especially if Professor Blair was going to go out of her way to make biologically impossible pairings out of this project anyway. But instead, Connor was stuck with the worst of both worlds.

Moreover, Connor did not in the least see the point of this assignment for men such as himself and Nolan. There was no circumstance under which Connor could imagine being responsible for carrying around a baby, or even interacting with a child before it was old enough to hold a proper conversation and stop vomiting at random. Fortunately he was only one year older than his younger brother and thus had no recollection of Dade as a baby, but Connor could only imagine that it had been horrendous and that he would have had no interest in being involved if he were old enough. Rose had taken to having younger siblings like a duck to water, by all accounts, demonstrating that even his older sister had enough femininity to pass this class. But how in the world were two men supposed to do so? Obvious biological impossibilities aside, it wasn’t as though either of them had the ah - equipment to naturally feed a child, meaning that there would be literally no reason at all for them to ever come in contact with one. Even a pureblood lady would have scarce reason to come in contact with a baby until it was older unless she felt particular maternal instinct; that was what house-elves were for.

“N-no, absolutely not,” Connor agreed with Nolan, momentarily flustered because that had been precisely how he had been interpreting what little instruction they had been given. “Two normal men might have care of a baby for many reasons.” He just couldn’t think of one at that particular moment. It felt like he was trying to tread water while somehow managing to not come in contact with any water at all - disconcerting, disorienting, and like he was set to start drowning at any moment. No, he really couldn’t think of any reason why someone like himself would have a reason to hold a baby. Nolan was creative; perhaps he would come up with a reason.

Not that Connor found that trait appealing about Nolan, he quickly told himself. Nolan was a perfectly good friend but there was nothing strange or unusual about Connor’s feelings toward him. In fact, using the word feelings was an overstatement of their relationship. So was the word relationship. Friendship - there was nothing between Connor and Nolan other than friendship. A friendship that had thus far survived through them both wholeheartedly ignoring the result of Connor’s draw in Roulettes prior to the beginning of term. If Professor Blair’s nonsensical baby doll project were to ruin that fragile coexistence, Connor swore to himself that he would find some way to make her miserable.

It was so unfair. Between his younger brother acting in ways that could be described with any number of words the so-called Professor Blair had informed Connor he wasn’t to say, and Remington attempting to sabotage his relationship with Claudia, this term was not going fantastically for him. He had done nothing to deserve the things that had happened to him this term and Connor was most definitely not going to take this sitting down. He was almost done with Rocky Mountain International, even if it seemed determined to do as much damage to his reputation as possible before he finally escaped.

  • Sounds extreme but appropriate - Nolan, Thu May 2 01:12
    Oh no. Connor was coming over to where Nolan was sitting. That was probably better than him waiting for Nolan to go over to his table, because frankly, Nolan wasn’t sure he could convince his left... more
    • I am one of those two things - Connor, Sat Jun 1 17:09
      • Which one? - Nolan, Tue Jun 4 15:21
        “Sure,” said Nolan, and tried to come up with a situation in which that made sense, and immediately failed. A big problem so far as he was concerned was that neither of them would ever have to care... more
        • Depends on your perspective I guess - Connor , Tue Jun 4 19:23
          If Connor had been drinking a glass of water when Nolan started coming up with explanations as to why the two of them might be taking care of a baby together, he probably would have mercifully... more
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